Friday, January 25, 2013

Doodle fever

OMG...what a week! You know the feeling you get when everything starts to go wrong and then it gets progressively worse...mine happened on Tuesday! A small bit of salvation was tangling this weeks Challenge and creating a Zendala using Suzanne McNeill's method from her Zentangle 7 book. You can see it here on this Youtube clip .

Tangles used: coral and teardrops from Creative Doodling with Judy West

Zendala without shading

My hubby finally came home on Monday after travelling for 48 hours! He flew from Austin, Texas to New York, spent 12 hours there...then to London, spent 12 hours there..and then home to Cape Town. The worst part of his trip was not knowing if he would be flying or not as Europe, Uk and USA were blanketed in snow and expecting more each day! The gannets and I were in London the week before and it was 2 degrees C - whic for us is COLD - his temp was -4!!
Green Park in London with Buckingham Palace at the other end...

...the same park a week later when Hubby was there!
Had to take this pic!

Evening light at 4pm in the afternoon!!

The gannets in the London underground

The gannets with Madiba
Big Ben in his tower silhoutted in the London Eye

The gannets and The Globe

I'm busy with a ZIA of sorts in the style of Lex WIlson otherwise known as Major Lazor...his stuff is reallygood, his penmanship is amazing!
Otherwise the weekend is going to be a chilled one!

Happy creating

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


And so it begins...

A new year and all the excitement and changes that it brings! 

We had THE MOST amazing holiday over New Year....we were in Orlando for 2 weeks courtesy of lots of hard work on my hubby's behalf in the last quarter at work!! We hired a house for the 2 weeks-which was way cheaper than the hotel route (especially with the R at R8.50 to the $!) We did what every tourist does when visiting Orlando and visited all the parks...Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Seaworld, Universal and Islands of Adventure, Wet n was such fun seeing everyting that I've only ever seen on TV and movies etc. The gannets and hubby rollercoasted themselves into oblivion (I was the bag-lady and photographer...I don't do loops etc!)
We also shopped....Orlando Premium Outlets, Krispy Kreemes... I bought a leather jacket for $33 on sale, which is one-fifth of what it would cost me at home! It was a "rollercoaster" 2 weeks and my body is still halfway across the Atlantic, unfortunately, so sleep is a luxury at the moment.
"Our house, in the middle of our street"

I couldn't resist!

My all time favourite Disney character from when I was little

Donald was sooooo funny when the eldest gannet went for her hug and photo. HE held her hands and kissed her cheek while waggling his little tail frantically the whole time! Her then did the heart throb gesture when she left!

Oh wow is all I can say! I've dreamt of standing in front of this castle since forever.

Always the photographer...never let a good photo opportunity go to waste!

The cherry on the top was the Art shopping! There are so many markers etc available in the States that I drool over but just can't get, so I had a field day in the art shops!
 I bought a set of coloured Micron 0.1 pens. lePlume double ended markers(brush and fibre tip), a set of 24 Sharpie ultrafine and 2 books!

So to commemorate my new aquasitions, this weeks Challenge, and my first of the year was done using my Sharpie markers. The DIva had us doing a duo tangle - not my favourite - she always seems to find tangles that I don't like doing or can't seem to draw! Bunzo "grew" on me, however, as I drew it sort of developed a life of its own!

Challenge #102: Auraknot and bunzo

 Hope everyone has an Amazing 2013!