Friday, March 28, 2014

Holidays looming...

What a term it has been! You know the feeling you get when the washing machine is on the spin cycle and when it's finished, instead of opening the machine to let you out, someone just turns the machine on again?!!

The eldest gannet has had the most phenomenal term with her sport...she made it all the way to Western Province trials with her 800m! She came 8th in her heat but still ran her fastest time! Last week was SA Lifesaving Champs...there were 28 clubs taking part and again she was amazing! She came 5th in the Iron man - a 200m swim, 300m board and 400m ski! Very proud parents xx
Eldest gannet powering her way to the finish.

Hubby and I also took part in the Masters competition! He got 2 bronze medals and I got 5 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze! Super chuffed with myself and very stiff the next day in places I had forgotten could get stiff LOL! World Rescue 2014 is in France this year and I've decided to send myself!

Our Fish Hoek Masters Team

Our Ladies contingent

Flags final!

I've been a busy girl with all my doodling, creating and tangling and actually managed to complete this weeks Diva Challenge!
Challenge #160

Holidays start today for us...a whole week...and then back to school for 9 days, Easter weekend, 2 public holidays and 3 school holidays=10 days and then back to school for the rest of the term! Crazy!!

Happy Creating everyone


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunrise Sunday

A stunning morning this morning. I haven't seen a sunrise like this for a while.  We're on our way to day 2 of Western Province lifesaving Champs with the eldest gannet-a50 minute drive from home...competition starts at 7:30am!!

She won a bronze medal on the beach run yesterday which was an awesome birthday present :)   Today we're hoping for another 2 in ski and board...hold thumbs!

Creativity I've been doing some drawing but not as much as I'd like.  I've been re crocheting my pentagons into hexagons so I can finish my blanket. And I discovered via a friend, a photo a day challenge...going to be fun !

My photo for day 1:

Have a great week everyone
Penny :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's heat wave

Yes I am still around (just in case you were wondering) laptop was in hospital with a battery and wasn't working :(  It was there for almost 3 weeks hence the lack of posting!

Life has been busy here in the gannet house...just for a change LOL....and while the rest of the world has been experiencing floods and snow storms, we have our best weather in Cape Town in February. So much so, that the temp has been ranging between 28 and 33 degrees C all week and the sea has been a balmy 22!

The eldest gannet has made us sooo proud this last week...she was awarded teh Junior Victrix Ludorum for athletics after Sports Day and the Girl with the Most Points. All the top athletes went to the Interschools competition on Wednesday and she came first in all 3 of her events: 400m, 800m and a high jump of 1.45m! IN 2 weeks time she goes to the 2nd round of Interschools and is one step closer to making the provincial team! 

I got an early birthday present from my hubby 2 weeks ago...
My Coreban SUP!

I've been playing in my sketchbook/journal with all sorts of drawings, doodles and sketches, trying to work on both sides of the page. I'm trying my hand at art journalling on the back of some of the pages as it thickens the page for watercolour afterwards! 

Watercolour on photocopied music.

New Year tangle #2


I also finally managed to finish the Diva's weekly challenge this week on TIME! I've included last weeks challenge as well because the pattern turned out to look like hearts!

Challenge #153 and #154

Have a great Monday everyone



Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

We 've had the most wonderful summer holiday weather and have made the most of it by spending lots of time outdoors! While my hubby spent more than his fair share of time playing in and on the sea, I did a bit of drawing/tangling....aaaah bliss!

I've been playing with my Christmas present "The Pocket Scavenger" and have done 7 scavengers and 3 alterations...I'm so going to enjoy this book!

I've also being playing with my camera.....

Christmas Day play time

Christmas Dinner table

Sunset family

Kommetjie Beach with Hout Bay in the background

I also did some drawings...
Playing with my lettering
Water coloured journal page (Thanks for the inspiration Megan Suarez)

My New Year tangle

And then finally...I stumbled across a website/blog that is going to be such fun! Journal 52
is an art journaling challenge with a prompt each week guessed it: 52 weeks!

It's going to be a good year this year!

Happy Creating everyone


Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Break

Happy Holidays to everyone in blogland!

We went on our first family mountain bike fun ride last weekend. It was the Twilight ride at the Backsberg Estate. There was a 20km, 10km, and 4km ride with the 20km starting at 6pm. We finished at 7:55pm and then Michaela and I entered the fancy dress competition and won a prize as the Tutu Girls!
AT the start

Took this photo while riding!!
Michaela and I with our race numbers at the fancy dress!

I finally got all my Christmas baking done too....fruit cake and lots of Christmas biscuits!
Batch 1 of Biscuits before the oven

Yesterday was the annual Fenn Cape Point Challenge Surfksi epic 50km surfski paddle starting in Scarborough on the Atlantic side, around Cape Point and ending at Fish Hoek Beach. The first batch of paddlers leave at 5:30am and the winner finished in a tine of 3hr41m! A tradition at the club is that all the Junior Lifeguard girls get given a Fenn bikini and meet the paddlers as they cross the finish line and carry their boats for them! The eldest gannet was a Fenn girl this year!!

The eldest gannet in the middle with the pink bikini!

The youngest gannet was the juice girl...handing out juice to the paddlers as they finished.

I'm also taking a blog break until after Christmas and possibly New Year and would like to thank everyone who has visited and inspired me throughout the year! I will be continuing with my 365 days of creativity...I'm almost halfway there now!!

Merry Christmas and a wonderful festive season to everyone
PennyB xx

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Prizegivings and holidays!

Schools out!! Summer holidays have begun and the weather is playing along magnificently. The last week of term was quite hectic with 3 prizegivings in 2 days! Monday night was the Sports Awards, Tuesday morning was the Grade 4-6  Acknowledgement Ceremony and Tuesday night was the Grade 7 Farewell and prizegiving.   I was the photographer for all I've been busy editing pics before posting them on the school's Facebook page! I'm soooo proud of the youngest gannet!! She won 3 certificates at Gr 4-6 Academic Prizegiving: All-round excellence, Excellence in Music and Drama, 2 certificates at the Sport certificate assembly-for enthusiasm in hockey and leadership in netball, and then a whopping 5 awards at the Sports Awards!

Youngest gannet 4th from right at Gr 4-6 awards

3 team certificates and the trophies for Most Improved Player for Athletics and Player of the Season for Cross Country! Not sure whose smile is the biggest!

On Wednesday after the kids had all left, the staff went for our Christmas lunch. I couldn't resist taking photos - as usual...!

I've been frantically busy the last 2 weeks making  Prayer Shawl for a very dear friend at school. She's had a really rough year with health issues, a couple of falls, her son was in a car accident and her daughter's getting married in the holidays. I found the pattern in a fellow crocheter's book. It's a lattice shawl pattern - the lattice is for structure and strength and offers protection. I managed to finish it for the staff's last day, which was Friday!
The wool changes colours as you crochet and it's over 1.5m long! 

I finished the challenge quite quickly this week...I had inspiration of some sort! LOL!
Challenge #147 done using string 081: L-R...keeko, pots-n-pans, tink, boo-kee, twile, cubine

   We also have a new member to our family. It's been nearly 5 years since our other pooch passed on and my hubby didn't want to get another dog. But...he's been looking for about a month now and on Friday I went to fetch him!

Meet Bandit! He's 8 weeks old and a real is an Australian border collie (brown and white not black and white) and dad is a german shepherd/Labrador!
Bandit meeting Jessie!

And then sadly on Thursday evening our beloved Madiba passed away. South Africa and the world are a better place having known him. May he rest in peace xx

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday countdown...

3 days of school left! Where has the year gone? My eldest gannet has completed her first year of high school and the youngest only has 2 years of primary school to go...oh my hat!

Last weekend we had the  first Nipper Carnival of the new season and Fish Hoek came 2nd by only 7 points! It was so great to see all our kids performing so well. We are going to whip the other clubs at Champs in this space! 

The eldest gannet(in the middle) and friends who were all safety officers at the competition...cheering on the nippers.
Youngest gannet and U11 friends/team mates
She came 5th in the flags event!

Yesterday, we had an interschool athletics competition with 3 schools and the youngest gannet did really well! She came 3rd in the 1200m, 2nd in the Long jump and her team won the 4x100 relay. Monday we have Sports Awards (and we have an invitiation so she's winning something, and on Tuesday is the Academic Prizegiving and we have an invite to that too!  This afternoon, the eldest gannet takes part in her first Junior/Senior Lifesaving competition as she is now a qualified Lifeguard.

With an awesome jump of 3,27m!

 I've been quite busy crocheting a Prayer shawl for a very good friend of's growing nicely and almost finished. 
On the tangle side of things...I started #145 but never finished it in time (just for a change!) Challenge #146 was with 2 tangles that I don't like much. I persevered, however, and produced a fairly decent tile...well I think so! (I'll post the finished #145 when it's finished - LOL)
Challenge #146

Have a good weekend everyone