Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Apologies for not updating last week like I promised I was going to...but...

We're went to Durban this weekend for the Surk Ski World Cup, which my husband paddled in - and took the girls with us! We didn't tell the youngest gannet we were going...she fell asleep in the car en route to the airport...and only realized she was also going on the plane when we gave her her ticket with her name on it!! Her face was picture perfect!
The youngest gannet is an avid Super 14 Sharks supporter...and she got to go to the actual "Shark Tank" on our Durban holiday!

We spent the whole day at Ushaka...and could easily have gone back the next day! The girls participated in the Dolphin Show,  the eldest gannet got to snorkel in one of the tanks and the youngest tried her hand (and feet) at rock climbing!

Watching the waves from one of Durban's piers 2 days prior to the Surfksi race....check out the size of the shorebreak!! It's so big, the surfers have jetski's taking them in and out of the surf! And to top it off, the sardines arrived yesterday!

View of Durban City centre from the top of the Moses Madiba Stadium. I can highly recommend a trip up the Sky Car to anyone visiting.

I've enrolled in a pottery course...it's the one crafty thing I've NEVER done so I'm really enjoying myself! So far I've made 2 pinch pots, a gravy/custard jug, I'm busy finishing off a pie dish and last week we started with tiles!!! THIS is so exciting, because I'm going to zentangle mine as a wall decoration for our patio - can't wait!! I start tangling tomorrow!

I eventually finished Challenge #27, but too late for the slideshow...have a look on my Flickr photostream...and I finished my Book tangle. I started another one in the plane on the way home yesterday, which I'll finish tonight. I'm also working on my 3rd pair of socks...this one for the eldest gannet and another for my brother-in-law! Life is never dull for a crafty mom!

Phew! Hopefully I've sort of caught up from missing a week! Hope everyone in the North is having a good summer, while all my friends down south...stay warm!


Friday, June 17, 2011


Well, winter has finally arrived! We had the most balmy of sunday's last week and then this week...well...my swimming pool is overflowing and I got the down duvet out!! And then last night, mother nature let us know who was boss with a thunder, lightning and hail storm! The white "blurs" are hailstones...my garden looked like someone had a popcorn throwing party.

View of our pool and the cloud blocking the mountains.
Anyway, onto creative things...
As you know, my craftroom is under going renovations...I've been crocheting and beading because it's the only stuff I took out the room before the demo...lition! 
The necklace was made using a beadnetting pattern....very simple and very therapuetic.

I also found an awesome sock pattern on the Redheart website while surfing for easy and quick things to do...and made some for the youngest gannet, while the eldest gannet has selected the zaniest wool she could find for hers! 
(Note to all the birdwatchers out there....they're called gannets because they talk and eat non-stop...hee hee!!) 
My youngest gannet with her "baby"...
THE socks!

I've also managed to complete Challenge #26...not a bad week!

Challenge #26!

Whew! it's been a busy week...have a wonderful crafty weekend everyone

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I Hate Builders!
Ok, it's now seriously  official! We are redoing the walls of MY PLAYROOM...aka my crafting space because the original builder did a reeeelly bad job...so I have cretestone dust everywhere and my entire room has been moved into my spare room!
MY SPACE...now just lots of dust and unplastered walls :-((
I will be strong...it will be better when it's done...it needs to be done...   this is my new mantra!

On a much happier note...I managed to finish these little beaded keychains before the evacuation. The keyring is my ponybeads and buttons - great for using up all the left overs and brilliant for kids in the holidays when the weather is too miserable to go outside!

The walk up to the Point and had to photograph the signpost at the top!

Had a wonderful weekend too...my brother, girlfriend (Clau) and nephew (Seb) came to stay and since neither Clau nor Seb had EVER been to Cape Point...we went on a family outing! The weather was perfect - for a change!- no wind, no rain, lots of sun...we couldn't have asked for a better day!

Obviously we went to the top of the point  to the lighthouse (I mean really, what"s a visit to Cape Point if you don't go the lighthouse) and then my hubby (sweetie pie) drove the car while the rest of us walked down to the Cape of Good Hope. En route we walked right past a large herd of Eland (the largest antelope), which was quite spectacular!

Me , my hubby, my two beautiful girls, my brother and his family

And now...I'm going to get my pens out and get cracking on the next Challenge  ...I love zendala's, so am very excited about this one!

Have a wonderful week everyone, stay warm - if you're in the southern hemisphere ...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


As the heading says...brrrrrrrrrrrr...winter has arrived with a vengence, it's cold, windy and rainy! Layered dressing is the in-thing...a good excuse for "not looking fat, it's the layers!" 

I was intrigued with Challenge #24, becuase I'd started a zentangle in similar style..watch this space for when it's finished! But here's my effort nontheless! 

I've also got a small Moleskine Sketchbook - which is easier to carry around than my A3 one...and I've done a couple of pages...just for fun! I like to play around with water colour pencils, I'm busy drawing a pumpkin at the moment, which the most gorgeous shades of orange inside...watch this space!


My recipe for this month, is an instant gravy mix. For all of you who love gravy but can't stand the schlepp of making it properly...this is for you! Mix all the ingredients together and keep in an airtight container. Whenever you need/want gravy, mix a few spoons of your new instant gravy with cold water to form a paste and then stir into boiling water..(the more gravy you want, the more instant mix you need!)...stir till thick, and voila...gravy!

Play nicely, till next week