Thursday, July 25, 2013

Food fun

It's been a busy 2 days....netball matches yesterday for the youngest gannet and the hockey matches today and netball match for the eldest gannet! My rule this year - whoever plays at home gets watched!

DAY 11: 24 July (Wed)
 The youngest gannet received an  invitation to a party yesterday....the invite was all vintage with lace, roses and a stack of teacups!

Teacups 1....

Teacups with patterns
Teacups coloured!

 DAY 12: 25 July(Thurs)
 Since the title of my blog is "Creative Adventures", I decided that culinary creations counted! A friend shared a recipe on Facebook for Cheat Pizzas which I had to try...

The gannets enjoying supper!
The "pizza's"

I even made an extra one to take to work tomorrow for lunch! These were soooo yummy! (I put ham and mushrooms on the gannets ones.)

Happy creating



Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Zentangles and zendoodles...

Decision. I'm not going to post every day, as all you wonderful people following my posts don't need an email in your inbox every day!

DAY 9: 22 July 
I created a new tangle!! I'm very excited about it because there are so many tanglations people can do! There's a soapie I watch here at home called 7de Laan (7th Avenue in English) and the one lady had the most beautiful earrings on...which I drew quickly when they did a close-up. I've drawn the step-outs too :D

"Oorbelle" - earrings in Afrikaans - my new tangle!

 DAY 10: 23 July
 I was in the mood to (that D-word-that-tanglers-don't-like), so started playing with my little owls and Sandy Bartholomew's  Tangle Card Challenge #2. I started doing the aura's in the top right corner, but really didn't like I cut them out, and carried on!
I worked with a size 5 pen this time, which was quite enjoyable!

I decided to colour the owls and the Annee tangle only to make them stand out. (Note the absence of the aura corner!)

 See you in a few days :D



Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend whimsy

DAY 7 and 8: 20,21 July 2013
I got out my paints again this weekend! I haven't painted for ages - I just haven't had any inspiration....but thanks to Pinterest, I've got lots of ideas! SO my 365 days of creativity task is two-fold this weekend as I did a painting. It's sort of finished, but I'm not 100% sure yet, so I'll probably fiddle some more over the next few days until I'm happier!
Pollystyrene sushi plates are wonderful pallettes!

The sketch...

The artist...! Hee hee

Saturdays work...

Sundays work...looking better
 I think I'm going to add more flower stalks and grassy bits on the hill tops and maybe some ploughed fields on the orange hill... Thanks Justin Vining for the inspiration that got me painting again!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mandela Day

DAY 5: 18 July 2013
Today, 18 July, on Mandela's 95th birthday, people around the world are celebrating Mandela Day. He specifically requested that it NOT be a holiday, but that people dedicate 67 minutes of their time to helping someone else in return for his 67 years of fighting for human rights. 
Very class at the primary school organised their own 67-project and the entire country sang Happy Birthday at 8:15 this morning. One of our local radio stations (5FM) asked for people to create a little "Madiba Magic" by joining hand. for 67 seconds as a gesture of unity and commitment to making our country a better place.

Happy Birthday Madiba

Grade 6s and Grade Rs in one passage...
...and across the Grade 1 quad...
Unity across the school

 My Day 5 creative task is a plain black and white journal page about today.


Monday, July 15, 2013

365 Creations

After reading an article in one of our monthly magazines about doing something creative for 365 days, I decided to give it a try! I found an article here which gives a good overview of "the task".

 Assignment: Complete one creative project today. Piece of cake, you say.

Now let’s raise the bar a bit higher: You don’t choose the subject. Instead, you are given a specific assignment, and left to figure out how to creatively express yourself. Um, OK. I guess.

… and higher: Complete 365 creative projects — one every day, for an entire year. Uh-oh. That might take more discipline than I have.

… and higher  still: Post your creations daily on Facebook, and blog the details of your creative process to followers eagerly waiting to see what amazing thing you did today.

The only problem is I have so many things that I like, how am I going to narrow it down to one specific subject for a WHOLE YEAR! And of course finishing something in a day....So I decided to go with my long as I create something everyday, that's ok!

DAY 1: 14 July 2013
One of my favourite blogs is Elvie Studio ....this lady does the most amazing journal work and lettering. So my first Creation is a phrase I heard while my girls were watching KingFu Panda, and I did it Elvie style.

 DAY 2: 15 July 2013
I've become a huge fan of Pinterest and am constantly looking for things to make, create and inspiration for drawings. I found these gorgeous little owls and just HAD to make one! They are so easy and the instructions are amazingly simple to follow. I will be making quite a few more of these.

The front...

...and the back

 That's all folks!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Indian Summer

It's been an awesome last few days of holiday as we've had the most amazing weather! We made the most of it and went walking in the mountains and, of course, on the beach! We walked up Elsies Peak, which  overlooks my home town of Fish Hoek.

Me looking at False Bay in the morning light. It's called False Bay because the the early sailors thought it was the bottom of Africa when they still had to get to Cape Aghulas.

We love where we live!

Far in the distance is the Naval Base

The top of the mountain

Elsies Peak from Fish Hoek beach! I took this photo the next day on our next walk!

Cruising around Pinterest, I found a stunning paint and ink drawing which I had to do! I used water colour pencils with water and a 0.7 micron pen for the ink work. I had such fun with this one that I immediately started a smaller one!
This one is A3.

This is 7x10 in

The Diva's weekly challenge was/is to use a stencil to create the tangle this week. I had an interesting time finding a stencil! I have lots of scrapbooking stencils of shapes and letters but nothing caught my eye. I picked out the following small stencils, the blue scrapblock and my cookie shapes (I got the idea from one of the entrants)

The decision....cookie cutter and circles.

The end product! Tangles used: foghorn, paizel, punzel

Hopefully the good weather lasts for the weekend as school goes back on Monday!

Happy Creating