Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Comfy Cowl

So I'm in wool made at the moment and have been knitting and crocheting madly for the last 2 weeks! I bought a round loom set and have made some socks - they were such fun! Our local wool shop has started a baby beanie drive and loads of kids at school, including my youngest, are looming beabies, which are being donated to the Prem clinic next month.

The loom and boys baby beanie...because it's blue!
My socks!

 And for my next trick....
A colleague of mine comes to school 2 weeks ago with a very pretty knitted scarfy-cowl-thing! So fellow wool enthusiast and I respectfully request her to remove it, so we can investigate how it was made! She very kindly obliged...it was originally shop made but it was fairly simple...well I thought so! 

Colleague asks if I could make another one...I say "Sure, just buy the wool" 1 hour later, she's back with wool! I brought the scarfy-cowl home and had a good look and started knitting.....VOILA! It is now named Helena's Comfy Cowl...made and designed by yours truly!

Helena's Comfy Cowl

 Happy knitting/crocheting/looming or drawing


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back in the land of the living

It's been too long, I know, but I am still around! Life just did one of those "get in the way and move at the speed of sound" things....lol!

Anyway....creatively I've been storming ahead participating in Journal 52 AND the Documented Life Project and then occasionally doing my own thing...on the creative side and the sporting side!

A bit of blue paisley...not sure how much more to colour in.
Some watercolour pencil floral swirls

 A little Zenspiration inspiration

A whimsical house, maybe for a witch or two?!

Spiral zentangles for Challenge #160

Seasonal mandala

I needed to draw, so this is a quick Pinterest inspired sketch

My Documented Life Project...already bursting out of it's binding! The outside of the flaps is for DLP and the inside is Journal 52. Enjoying both of these...and the fact that I can finish when time allows!

Do something with your name...a pattern stack was needed!

J52...rain or shine


DLP...a quote

J52...book inspiration...I couldn't think of any one single book, so I made a "book stack" with all the types of books I enjoy!

You may remember the "hexagons" was making...and I then discovered that they were in actual fact pentagons....sooooo-I undid them all and proceeded to fix them so that they were actually hexagons!
Still not satisfied as they were too small when I wanted to crochet them together, I am now crocheting an extra layer around the edge of each one in either blue or white!
At some point before the end of winter, I will crochet the blanket itself!


As far as my personal challenge of 365 days of creativity are concerned, I have been very good and done something every day (I just didn't feel like posting each and every thing I did as it was getting too much.)

My mid-year resolution is to get back to my once-weekly-posting on my blog!
See you all next week