Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creative Week

Phew! What a week....
 I sanded and varnished two of my work tables and painted primer on our outside braai area (barbeque for those outside RSA...hee hee)... the roof will come on after winter ie after the rain! Just as well I did them last week while the sun was shining and there was no wind, because this week winter has temps were very similar , rain, and lots of snow inthe higher areas. Can't wait for it to snow on the Matroosberg in Ceres...we'll take the gannets on a day trip to see!(See the location map at the end of this entry!)

Our braais area primed for painting!
I've managed to complete 2 UFO's (Un-finished Objects) and got an order to make one for a friend when I asked her opinion!! They're denim shoulder bags, both beaded and lined with boxed corners, which makes them wider. Thanks Lolly Chops ( see her wonderfully humorous site on My Favourite Sites list) for the excellent How to do Bead Embroidery tutorial!

A close-up of the beading.
Left-hand bag is couched with shell discs and the right-hand bag is bugle and seed beads!

I'm still busy with Challenge #32, but created a Swirled zentangle on the weekend...the idea hit me to draw/paint swirls and then tangle where the pen took me! I was quite difficult  to "just let go" and do what the page needed instead of what I wanted to do. (I know all the Creatives out there know exactly what I mean!)

Created with watercolour pencils and 3 different size pens.
The finished Challenge #32! I said, it's been quite a week!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What a week!

I have had such a creative week, it's been wonderful! I'm halfway through sorting out My Playspace/Studio, I'm defintely a hoarder of anything crafty!! 

So, back to school this week, which means I have a little more time to myself in the mornings again...I can play with my toys hee hee... I finished 2 paintings at Art on Monday night, the pansies were from last month already, but the Country lane was SUCH fun to do! I got the inspiration from Martha Lever (check out her blog  here ) and decided to try out a Pointelism painting!  I'm going to do another one, probably of one of the boats in my Inspiration folder on Flickr (have a look here ). 


Challenge #31 from the Diva's guest this week, had us going  back to childhood and thinking of fairies/ instant reaction was to tangle a garden scene...and then I coloured it in. I'm still not sure which one I like though, so I'll submit both to the challenge!

Have a wonderfully crafty week everyone


Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer continues...

I cannot believe the weather we're having at the's like the middle of summer! It's been wonderful this week, particularly, as Andrew's been on leave. We each had to say what we would really like to do, and then each day of the week, we did something different! The youngest gannet wanted to go fishing, so we went to the harbour and fished...and she caught one! The oldest gannet wanted to spend the day on the beach building sandcastles and playing beach games. Needless to say, the "Turtle Team" won the building competition...we asked some other beach walkers to judge the building on their way past!

Beach day fun

Andrew has always wanted  to cycle in Cape Point Reserve, so yesterday, that's what we did! It was a magnificent day with no wind...we cycled on one of the circular routes before heading to the Point for lunch, and then set off again. Definitely something we'll do again. For my outing, we're going to go the new park they've built next to the Cape Town has lots of walkways, play areas and amazing indigenous plants.

Cape Point Nature Reserve

My "playspace", aka Penny's Room, is now finished...fixed and painted ...all that needs doing is everything unpacking, putting back and sorted out - should keep me busy for a while! 

The Diva this week, had another guest challenger - Christina Vandervlist or stART - and she had us tangling our initials. I really like this idea as I've always loved playing around with letters and writing. I'm a self-taught calligrapher, who never quite sticks to the rules!!

NExt week, I'll show you my new painting, which will be finished on monday night...and hopefully I can also show you my brighter, whiter playspace!

Have a creative week,


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Indian Summer

Oh wow! We have had THE most amazing weather this week! Beautiful, warm, balmy days...we've walked in the mountains, paddled in the sea and generally enjoyed the sunshine. I know it's going to change soon, because we always get snow on the nearby mountains in August and winter comes back, usually with a vengence.

Our walk in the mountains on saturday afternoon...5 mins from our house!

So, news..... my oldest gannet is now officially 12 and we had a very creative day, everyone made beautiful mosaic mirrors and then to top it all, they all jumped in the the middle of winter...when it's cold!!

I managed to complete Challenge #29 on time this week and now have plans for another big curly wurly zentangle page. However...... I have discovered a marvellous blog for all the artists out there... It's really great for people who love to paint places and scenes but can't afford the airfares to go there...check it out!

  That's me for this week, have a lovely week everyone

Monday, July 4, 2011

Creative Inspiration stikes!

Afternoon everyone from a verrrrrrrrry cold and windy Cape Town..but it least it's stopped raining. It's been exactly a week since the last post, so I think I'm finally getting it right hee hee...

My eldest gannet turns 12 tomorrow! She's invited 5 best friends for a craft get-together...which is probably best as it's winter here and miserable outside. So we're going to make mosaiced mirrors  All the prepartion has been done - I've cut the tiles into smaller pieces, prepared the boards and stuck the mirrors on, now it just has to dry. Tomorrow, the girls can create away and I'll hopefully get them to do the grouting too, before they go home! Who needs "Party Packs" anymore??!!

The prepared boards...drying.

Once again, I was late with my tangle for the Weekly Challenge...but here it is anyway:

Challenge #28 

The Creative Adventure starts.... I've been struck by creative inspiration...a carpenter girl-friend showed me some unwanted kitchen cupboard doors (see the photo below) ...and all I can see is a triptech of mirrors with mosaic boarders...the centre one being a whole mirror so you can actually see yourself in it, and the outer two shattered mirror pieces... Watch this space for the progress photos...! 

I learnt how to make tiles at pottery last week...and here they are! Using the most expensive equiment I could find...(you will note it's just a porcupine quill!), I'm now going to tangle the whole thing. When done, it'll be stained with dark blue which will only stick in the grooves when fired. The plan is to put it up on our braai-room wall..

See the beginnings of "pepper" in the bottom third...

I am also going to start a new painting at art class tonight...! Who said mom's have lots of time on their hands??

Phew! That's me for now...I'm off to tangle a bit, then washing, supper etc. Hope you all have a fantastic week