Sunday, August 25, 2013

Exhausting weekend!'s been an interesting week! We had both netball matches postponed because the courts were just too wet to play on. On Saturday, however, the weather played along- which was just as well as we had our 2nd Sports Festival on Saturday morning. Last year was the first one with 30 rugby and netball teams. This year we had junior hockey, netball and rugby and over 100 teams! As there were 11 teams in the U13 section, I was lucky enough to have my A and B sides playing. After an "interesting" week with hormones and attitudes, however, I included some C team players who never miss a practice and are always willing and able to do anything I ask. This tournament was for them.
My U13s at the festival.

Due to the hecticness of the week though, I never got a chance to finish the Diva's challenge (which I was determined to do this time). 

I did work on my 356 projects though...I saw this on Pinterest and had to give it a go.  Art with Mr E - It took a while to colour in, but was very soothing and calming.

I left the one side blank...just because!

 Winter training for Nippers this morning was in  brilliant weather conditions.

The beach was covered in washed-up mussel shells from the weeks wind and rain...and all the seagulls were feasting away.

Juvenile Kelp gull
Hartlaub's gull

 Till next week


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wet wet wet!

OMG! I am so sick of rain! I know it's winter, August and it's supposed to rain, but just a few days of sun please? I need to do some washing lol! 

 So winter training has officially begun...everyone wearing wetsuits of course...and having loads of fun. My little guys - the Starfish (5-6yr old) only start when the season officially opens in October as they just get too cold!
The sea was awash with Nippers and body boards after training today.

Youngest gannet (in the pink cap) with friends

Week 5 of my 365 days of creativity involved a fair amount of wool...I've started 2 projects: one is a TV blanket for the youngest gannet using chunky and DK wool and 6mm needles. The other is a blanket made of hexagons. I eventually found a pattern that I liked - in my college text book of all places! So when times get stressed, I'll be crocheting hexagons.

The Book...

The pattern...

Day 29 and 30: 12/13 August was hexagon day
The hexagons!

Day 31: 14 August was a journal day. I used inktense pencils and black fineliners.

Day 32 was my entry into Sandy Bartholomew's Tangle Card Challenge. I looked at her two patterns - Hemp and Pingline from her kids collection - and this picture came to mind!

Day 33 - I found this drawing on Pinterest and fell in love with it, so I'm attempting to draw my own version.
Thinking part 1

 Day 34 was another sketch day - just some fun.

Keep creating


Saturday, August 10, 2013

and so it snows!

Happy Women's Day weekend! Here in SA on 9 August, we celebrate the day in 1956 when a few women (20 000, some with their babies and children) marched on the Union Buildings in Pretoria, to protest against the pass laws of the country. 

The sun also happens to be shining for the first time on a few days....and our mountains are covered in snow!It's the strangest thing...for the last 4 years, just as everyone thinks winter is finally on its way out, we get THE cold snap over Women's Day weekend and it snows! Lots of Capetonians go on day trips to Ceres - about 2hrs away - to see the snow!
Muizenberg beach and the vlei with snow capped mountains in the distance

Playing with my watercolour paints (just a cheap kiddies set, not "proper watercolours" yet) and created random swirls. When it was done, I almost tore it out and threw it away...I really didn't like it at all! But I persevered...

Watercolour swirls #1...yeuch!
Swirls finished...better!

I wasn't going to do The Diva's challenge this week, but as I looked at the tangle again today, I was inspired! The eldest gannet is busy doing a school project and used black paper as her I haven't done a white tangle yet, I thought today was as good time as any!

Tangles used: cadent, gingham, fife, kaleido and of course henna drum

And since my 365 days challenge has now reached the 4 week mark, I decided I'll post weekly! I can't believe I managed to keep going for 4 weeks aka almost a month!

Happy creating


Saturday, August 3, 2013

One day at a time...

OK, so this has been a rough week...I've had a minor setback and am taking strain at the moment. I had a Annus Horribulus in 2011 and thought I was well on the road to recovery, but this last week it's all come back... hence "One day at a time"!

I haven't managed to complete too many tasks for my year's challenge, but I have worked on each of them over the last few days! We had a civvies day and creative cake sale at school on Friday in aid of a Cancer charity on of our pupils is with. Everyone brought cakes to school which were then sold to raise funds. If you wanted too, you could decorate your cakes and enter the competition. These were the best ones!
High heel shoe cupcakes
Minion cake

This burger and chips was made by this girl! You can just see the chocolate cake where the "patty" is!

 My brother has come to visit this weekend, and he and my hubby are very good friends - which I love! They both love the outdoors and doing things in or near the water. Today, they went snorkelling!

Tony-the Legend and hubby!

I can't resist and photo opportunity

Challenge #129 by the Diva this week is a string theory - using string 004 from

 Happy creating and have a lovely week everyone