Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time flies!

Wow, time flies at times! I can't believe it's Friday already!

I have amazing children....on Monday night my eldest gannet (Caitlin) cooked Chicken ala King for supper, last night the youngest gannet (Michaela) cooked Pasketti Marinara (spaghetti and tomato sauce) and this morning Caitlin cooked the breakfast pictured below! 
(Me thinks I'm going to have to call my eldest a swan and not a gannet soon too!!)
Scrambled egg, bacon, fried mushrooms and toast!

We had a very exciting pottery session last week ...we pit fired our pots...the result of which is STUNNING!! I had no idea what it was going to look like and really love the end result! Tomorrow we are doing a Raku firing (which apparantly looks like a crackle glaze when done...I'll show you next week!)
The black lines are a result of copper wire tied around the pot and the other marks are from coffee, tea, seaweed,salt, copper sulphate and a variety of other interesting substances!

 My weekend away last weekend was such fun...I played with my camera settings, trying out all sorts of things while my husband paddled and the children played on the beach! Some of the pictures worked and others , well let's just say they needed to be deleted :(

I did manage to complete Challenge #45 this was interesting trying the pattern out, because the first one was horrible! I really like the plaited look it gives, and after filling in the bits, I decided it looked better emptier rather than filling it I listened to myself (doesn't happen often!) and stopped tangling. I really like the way it's turned out, thanks Rick and Maria and Laura!
Challenge #45...Punzel

 I have a busy weekend ahead too as my youngest turns 9 on Saturday!! No rest for us moms! 

Have a wonderfully creative everyone


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend away

Apologies for the lateness this's been an interesting week! I was asked to substitute on Tuesday again, which went well, and it was the same class I'd sat with last week. At pottery on Wednesday, we prepared for a raku firing (I'm not sure myself what that is as I'm a novice at this myself!) I also finished off my sculpture, which now needs to dry. Thursday I went to art and worked on my'll be finished soon...very excited about this one too...and then on Friday we went to another pottery lady for a pit firing! We've been working on these pots for weeks, they were put into the pit yesterday and all will be revealed at 10am this morning (I'll show you next week!)

I haven't finished my tangle challenge this week, I've used florz as my base and tangling the spaces...I'll post it when it's finished.

We're in beautiful Langebaan this weekend with friends of ours...2 reasons...a family weekend away and the boys are paddling in the second race of the surf ski series which is here! Langebaan is on the Westcoast and has the most beautiful lagoon. Being on the Westcoast also means that the water is a bit chilly! (I'll post some pictures later today!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last lap...

And away they go...! The last school term is off to a flying start (as usual)...Sports Awards and Grade 12 (Matric) Valedictory and the Primary School's 2011 school production of Annie! Both my gannets are in the production with evening performances starting last night and ending on Saturday. So much for being a "House Mom"...I'm busier now than I was when I was teaching!! (I'll have photos next week!)

I've also had an interesting week...I was asked to subsitute Grade 3 (9 years old) from Mon-Thurs while the Annie production was done for the local primary schools and old age homes. Seeing as I'm used to teaching "hormones" (age 14 going on 25), it was quite different teaching little people!

Thanks so much to Laura, aka The Diva, for the challenge this week. The Sunflower Fund grows bigger every year and is a very worthy cause. The drama pupils at the Primary School also put on a concert every year with one of the churches in aid of the Sunflower Fund and raises huge amounts of money. My contribution this week is photographed on all the Bandanas I've collected over the years.

The tiny little one is a hair scrunchy!
A closer look at my tile.

The theme this year was Thank you for the Music and was a Musical Road Show. This item was from "Songs from Movies"...Sister Act

"Sport Songs"....Waka Waka!

Thank you all so very much for the beautiful tiles you've all produced this week and all the stories that accompanied them.

Have a wonderful weekend

Friday, October 7, 2011

School Holidays


Phew, but a lot has gone on since last week...

The beach has been closed (in other words, no swimming, paddling etc at all) for the whole week, as we've had "Bruce" and his friends chilling outside the breakers all day! Wednesday was scary/awesome because we had "Bruce" in the breakers!! These photos were taken by Meds Martin, a lifesaving friend of mine who was walking on the beach when Bruce appeared....

You can clearly see the shape/outline in the wave!
Here you can see the outline and how close the sharks have come!

It will be interesting to see how many Nippers come to training on Sunday...if anything else, Fish Hoek Surf Lifesaving will be beach experts by SA Champs next year! (We do have a title to defend....we won the Nippers (U10-U14), Juniors (U16-U19), Seniors and Masters last year!!)
On to crafty things...Laura Harms aka The Diva's challenge this week was Hope - seeing as October is Breast Cancer month...I knew exactly what I was going to do. Mine is done for Aunty Sandy, she passed away 2 years ago, not from breast cancer, but oesophogus cancer and was my 2nd mom for nearly 3 years, a very special lady xxx

Challenge #42.      

Have a wonderful weekend everyone