Thursday, August 25, 2011


What a week! I am a very proud two gannets excelled themselves this week...the youngest played in her second netball match - ever - and the determination on her little face is precious. The eldest gannet and her team won all their matches for the season, and went to round 1 of the inter-zone playoffs...and won both their matches!! Round 2 is next week and then the finals! The eldest has also been "called back" by an American University group doing a movie using some of the Primary School children...holding thumbs!

Fish Hoek Primary U12 superstars!

Caitlin got her best goal average in this match!
Look at the determination on that precious face! (black and white team)
Challenge #36, from the Diva herself, had us trying out Assunta - Rick's "birthday tangle" to Maria. I wanted to try tangle a grid that got progressively bigger ...not sure I like mine, but here it is anyway!

Challenge #36

I was invited to the Culture and Service Awards at the high school last night...(I'm usually the organiser, so it was quite special) and was honoured by the principal at the end of the evening for the contribution I've made to Culture over the last 18 years. I was very touched and totally overwhelmed! It was a very special moment in my life, especially when some pupils came over and told me I had made a difference to them and that I was missed. 

So while this life chapter closes, another opens and I can start a whole new adventure...and as Abraham Lincoln once said "It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years."


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Creative Fun...

Hello everyone!

You remember last week I told you about a fabric bowl I was going to try... it is!! It was really very easy to assemble and looks great! It's also fully reversible and hand-washable (I'm going to put in my washing machine this week just to see how that works). I HAVE to make some more!

What do you think?!

Onto tangles and things.....Challenge #35 by guest Challenger Margaret Bremner involved "a tile on a tile". I really liked this idea, because if you get the black and white contrast right, then your 2 tiles pop out!

Tangles used: eye-wa, florz, bales, sez, lilypads, hollibaugh and a sort-of-flux!

I'm now busy crocheting a sleeveless jersey with hood in a red/ochre/black etc speckled wool. Did you know that crocheting uses more wool than knitting?! I'm still making crocheted socks...everyone seems to want some as bedsocks! 

Went for a walk on the beach on Monday...the weather was so still but chilly...I tend to travel everywhere with my camera at the moment, and so had to take this photo...I know I said it last week, but I love where I live.

Fish Hoek Beach overlooking False Bay

And so, another weekend is around the corner adn more creative things beckon...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Places

I love where I live! it's "the middle of winter" and yet the sun is shining and the day is calm. I went for a walk on the beach this morning with our's definitely my happy place, the sea was flat and calm, whales gently rolling around in the bay and not a breath of wind, how lucky can someone be?!

Fish Hoek Beach at 8:30 in the morning...  

On to creative matters... I completed Challenge #34 last night - the Diva's guest Challenger had us doing curves in straight strings or angles in curved fun fun! I had an immediate idea which involved my water colour pencils as well...

Challenge #34  

I had such a fun day on Monday too...we had a school holiday as Tuesday was a Public Holiday and I was sitting outside in the sun beading a bag, when the youngest gannet pipes up that she wants to do something we cut a piece of material, picked some beads, drew a picture and she is now doing her very own bead embroidery!!! The best part was when she said that she  "was never going to stop, it was such fun!"

She's beading a basket picture in turquiose and purple (the orange and red ones are mine)!

For myself, I got into some serious drawing this last week and I'm sooooo chuffed with the end result! I took a photo of a Protea in April (it's in my FLickr Inspiration folder) and I've been itching to draw it. So with watercolour pencils, I got stuck in...I put two base washes down with the pencils and then just pencilled in on the top to get the shades and detail...I think it"s turned out beautifully...I'm thinking of framing this one!

The photo next to the drawing...

My Protea

I'm now busy cutting out fabric to make a bowl. Yes, that's correct, a fabric bowl! Reversable too!! I was given a book that someone didn't looks really easy, and I'm always game to try something new...if it works out, I have a whole selection of very African patterned fabrics which I'll try...I'll show you result next week!

Happy Creating

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Greetings from a VERY blustery  Cape Town..snow is due to fall on our mountains today, and we're set a chilly weekend...but then I suppose we are in the middle of winter! 

After my marathon creative week last week, this week has been a bit slower, with a few projects being started instead of being finished off. The gannets, however, have had an amazing week....they both ran personal bests at their Cross Country Race on Friday and my eldest made the cut for the Zonal Run-offs held yesterday!! 

The youngest gannet also played in her very first netball match yesterday and has been bouncing off the walls with excitement! 

U9 Netball Team! (The youngest gannet is front and centre!)

As I'm typing this weeks news, the rain has come down in absolute buckets...but at a right angle because of the wind...definitely duvet weather!! Anyway...back to creative attempt at Challenge #33 is ok, I had an idea but am not happy with the result, I will, however, try another one! 

Speaking of tangles... Maria Thomas (on the zentangle blog) did an article on using tangles as borders, which prompted me me to photograph this on I did last year... I was playing around with "How to decorate an Art Journal page" with masking tape and an inkpad and wasn't sure what to do with the spaces...I came across HiBRED and page!

Keep creating