Thursday, September 26, 2013

Knysna Holiday

We were long overdue to visiting Knynsa and my folks, so my darling hubby took us there for a short holiday in the even shorter school holiday...10 whole days...we left straight after school on Friday and came back on the public holiday - Tuesday - as he had to go back to work :(  It was great seeing my mom and dad again, and we did all sorts of things as a family, which is also long overdue!

View from our morning bike ride while the water was still flat

Me and the gannets with the Knysna Heads in the background.

Dad and the gannets playing in the sea

The youngest gannet and I cycled up to the Heads as she hasn't seen it for a while!

Granny and Gramps with the gannets in their garden. Granny has over 100 clivia's in her garden at the moment.

Somewhere between Cape Town and Knysna , my tangle for the Diva's challenge went "missing", so I never got to finish it. We also had limited internet access, so I wasn't overly bothered about posting on my blog - we were on holiday after all!

I did, however, create 3 pattern stacks - one for my new sister-in-law, her daughter and then my nephew. I also got Gabi (daughter) hooked on tangles and doodles!

I also found a wonderful package deal at the local A4 visual diary and this set of sketching pencils! Going to play nicely!

And finally, I'm going to knit my eldest gannet her blanket that she chose the wool for...

The biggest needles I had were 12 mm...the first few rows were like a carpet!
My mom had some 20mm needles! Look how big the balls of wool are in comparison to my hand!!

Happy creating


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Let the show begin!

Today at 2pm, is the matinee of our annual school musical...and first show! Yesterday was the dress rehearsal and all went reasonably well, a few seriously quick costumes changes for the von Trapp children from nighties into play clothes was tweaked, but it's all systems go! I'm the backstage manager, and I run a very tight ship...we've been rehearsing all the scene changes for the last 2 weeks - so we're good!

We also had our annual staff vs U13 winter sport matches, which are always good fun. I couldn't play in the hockey game because we had a play rehearsal but I umpired for the netball because it was my teams! My girls did me proud considering we were a few players short...2 of my A team didn't come to practice on Monday so they didn't play(I'm a commitment person!) and then 3 B team players were involved in the play so they couldn't play and C team girls filled in.

My U13B side and the ladies team

My U13A side and the men's team

I've been in a doodling/tangling mood this week and completed not one, not two, but THREE pieces!!

Challenge #135 using new tangle WELL

My doodle...using water colour pencils and 0.3 pen

Tangle patterns string #66

Hopefully next week, spring will reappear! We had a week of spring and then winter returned with a vengence, with temps not going further than 15 and wind and rain. I've had enough now!

Have a great week everyone


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tech rehearsal week!

Exhausted doesn't even come close to how I'm feeling at the moment!

Our annual school play opens on Saturday next week...we are doing Sound of Music and the youngest gannet is Brigitta! Because it's primary school and there are so many children, we have 3 casts... so this week has been all the tech rehearsals with each cast. Yours truly is the backstage manager,  so I've spent the week working out what goes where and when! Next week is dress rehearsals with an opening matinee on Saturday.

The youngest gannet went to her best friends "Photo Shoot" birthday party last weekend. They've been best friends since they were 5 months old at creche together! The older brother was the photographer and his girl friend was the make-up artist. They had such fun!
Make-up on

Her party clothes and accessories

Love this one! My baby is growing up.

 Winter sport comes to an end this week, so I organised some mini netball matches with the coaches vs the U12A and U13s. Firstly for fun and secondly to show the netball girls that we do know what we're talking about when we tell them how to do things!

The team: Tanya U10, Alison U8, Me U13, Estelle U10, Alinda U13, Janine U11, Cindy U9 and Cheri and Robyn from U9 as the cheerleaders. (Our U12 teammate was overseas at the time!)
I'm holding Asisipho back because she run too fast!

Check the stretch!

 I found The Diva's Challenge this week difficult, in the sense that I couldn't get it to change direction. So after attempt# 3, I just did a straight line. I quite like the way it turned out after all!
Tangles: cubine, cockles and mussels, bales with a tangleation, keeko, scallops

 Happy creating


Monday, September 2, 2013

Snow...and Spring Day!

Oh My Hat!
Apologies for not blogging yesterday, but my computer was man down and didn't want to log on to anything!

So, last week was an interesting week....we had 2 cold fronts hit us in succession: the first one on Monday evening and it lasted until Wednesday with 90mm of rain falling on Wednesday! The "Cold" cold front arrived on Thursday with all our surrounding mountains including Table Mountain being covered in snow! We don't get snow in Cape Town, we're not high it was quite amazing to see snow covered mountains all around us!

Snow on the Somerset West Mountains
Table Mountain!

After all the freezing and wet weather, we then had the annual Spring Splash on Sunday! Every year on the 1st Sunday in September, we have a Spring Splash to celebrate the (eventual) arrival of Spring. The day starts off with a sandcastle competition for the little kiddies, then line-dancing on the beach, there is always a Best Dressed competition and then at 3pm everyone rushes into the sea for the first "official" swim of spring. There are no wetsuits allowed at the Spring Splash, made harder this year as the water was a balmy 15 degrees C!! Brrrr...

One of my little Starfish with a friend who helped build this sandcastle.

The youngest gannet joining in the line-dancing.

Winners of the best dressed group: Flappers with Flippers!

Nippers with the mermaid and Goldie...(he dresses up every year!)

King Neptune

And so...on to crafty things...I entered the Pattern Stack challenge with Judy West. I've done these before and had great fun with them. I wasn't sure however, what to do for the inside....until the Diva's challenge #133 came along. Tipple is so such a great tangle to use as a filler, so I tippled!

I'll post the weekly update fro my 365 creations later this afternoon.

Happy Creating