Friday, September 30, 2011

What a week!

Hello again! 

The cars are sorted, thanks goodness! But on Tuesday morning, we had a Shark attack at the beach. The guy is alive, thanks to the Shark Spotters who stemmed the blood loss, he has however lost his right leg. The saddest part is that the Shark alarm had gone off twice that morning already, and he was told that the beach was closed and yet he still went for his swim!! Yesterday (Thursday) the beach was closed the whole daty because a shark was just "chilling" in the bay the whole day! I went up the mountain to where the Shark Spotters sit and for the first time, saw a shark swimiing around the bay. (There are videos on YouTube for anyone who wants to see). Nippers starts next weekend...I think we'll be doing a lot of beach work this season!

Both my girls took part in the Evening of Choir at the Primary School on Tuesday, and as you can see, I was busy during the parts they didn't sing!

On Wednesday I went to pottery and my tiles were finished!! The blue ones were painted with underglaze first, and I then scratched out the tangles with a porcupine quill...the white ones were drawn with an underglaze pencil. Not sure where I'm going to put them yet, but I love they way they turned out! tile project....we had to make tiles! Obviously I was going to zentangle mine! So we wedged the clay, rolled and cut out our tiles (mine are 10cm X 10cm), I then drew the string and started tangling. Once I'd finished, they were bisqued and then I coloured them....

 ...and taadaa....drum roll please....My tangled tiles!

A close up of the section with Pepper, cadent and one whose name I can't remember!

Challenge #41 from the Diva had us using only two tangles. I must admit that I enjoy these challenges because it gets me using tangles I don't normally use and it definitely out of my comfort zone! I enjoyed the Opus ones and got some great ideas from the Enthusiastic Artist on her blog.

Challenge #41
And then last, but definitely not least...I finished my pencilled Sunflower! I used watercolour pencil for the background colouring and then layer upon layer of pencil on top! This one is going to be framed!!

My pencil Sunflower!

And that brings an end to my week!! Phew!

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, September 26, 2011

What a weekend...!

Oh. My. Gosh.  I know it's a bit early in the week for me to be blogging but... 

The bad news...on thursday evening my hubby's car died as he got home. Not a problem, I'm not working at the moment, so he borrows mine on friday morning. The SNAFU occurs later as I'm on my way to pick up my girls from school... MY car starts making funny I check with my mechanic friend whether it's a drivable noise or not...his face said everything! So we go from 2 cars to 0 cars in 12 hours and I have a hair appointment and children and a husband to fetch...!
Andrew now has a new car battery (R900 later...ouch) and mine is going in tomorrow for 2 days to have the cambelt changed (double ouch!) 

On the good side, spring has finally arrived here at home, we've had the most glorious weather this weekend! So to celebrate Spring (and because I had no car so couldn't go anywhere), I finished my Spring tangle! It was inspired by Shelly Beauch...I just love her tangles!
Spring...tangles used: florz, fescu, pendrills, squid, jetties, munchin (and some others I don't know the names of!)  

 Chat later


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Whale of a time!

Spring is in the air and the whales are here!!

It's one of my favourite times of the year... we get the Southern Right whales all around our coastline, but particularly on the Indian Ocean side, calving. It's the most magnificent thing to be driving along or walking on the beach and 100-200m away, are these magestic creatures "frolicking" in the water. I was sitting in a coffee shop on saturday (having coffee, strangely enough...) while my eldest was at surfing watching this whale playing. 

A Southern Right Whale "Sailing"

The Diva's challenge this week was to make a Pinwheel for Peace...and today just happens to be the International Day of Peace. I visited the Pinwheels for Peace site (courtesy of The Diva) and loved all the colourful pinwheels with messages from all the children, so my tangle this week was inspired by these children's creations.

My gannet's school uniform is going through a transformation at the moment...after 60+ years, it's being updated, with the Primary and High School having the same basics. It looks so smart! Here are both my girls in their new uniform! (For summer, the stockings change to white socks..easy peasy...and the shirt underneath is a "golf shirt" worn out!)
Michaela (youngest gannet) and Caitlin (eldest gannet) in their new uniforms!

Have a wonderfully creative week everyone,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

...and a big HELLO to everyone!

So we're supposed to be experiencing Spring at the moment...I think the great weather person out there has decided to punish us for the Indian Summer we had in the middle of cold and rainy...still!

The Diva's challenge this week was LOVE in remembrance of the 11 Sept tragedy that hit New York 10 years ago, and a very fitting challenge it is. Thoughts to all my new friends in USA on this sad day.

Weather aside, onto creative things....I Mooka'd a heart about 2 months ago in my Moleskin sketchbook and then got stuck...but challenge #39 has now evolved from said heart.

Challenge #39: All you need is love

I've also played around with paradox...having done it for the first time in the previous challenge...I was determined to get my head around the curves of the pattern! (Thanks again to the Enthusiastic artist for her wonderful tutorial!)

School sport has come to an end for the term - finally - so afternoons are a bit more relaxed for now! Excpet Nippers has started we spend every sunday at the beach (I can think of worse things sometmes :))  I've taken a photo from the mountain of Fish Hoek Beach for my new friends, so they can perhaps understand why we spend so much time there...the Life Saving club is the large grey building...where we spend most of summer!
Fish Hoek beach on the False Bay coast on a windless day!

Especially for brother started the whole "gannet" thing...he was staying with us for the weekend with his son, and the 3 kids spoke and ate non-stop, the whole they were called gannets, because gannets are very noisy birds that eat all day!!

Keep creating

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bokkie Day!

And so it begins...Go Bokke Go! 

Having finally got over Soccer World Cup fever, we are entering Rugby World Cup Mayhem...every Friday is Bokkie Day here at home - even the gannets are going to school dressed in green and gold! So instead of rugby and braais, we have rugby and breakfast for the next few months ...or so! 
Me in my hubbies Bokke Jersey, because it's too small for him!

 Challenge #38 was a real challenge - no pun intended... - I've NEVER done Paradox before! I did, as was suggested by the Diva, go to the Enthusiastic Artist's Tutuorial, and tangle! Thank you Margaret for helping me out!

Challenge #38
I've found this African rural picture and was hit by a need to tangle, I water-coloured it first and then tangled on top!
African Tangle

Tangles used (that I know of...): zander, facets, keeko, printemps, florz, shattuck, lilypads
Tomorrow is crunch day for the eldest gannet and her netball team...we have the district finals (4 districts: NSEW), and they won the South district...7 teams and a round robin to determine the top U12 netball team in the Western pressure !

Happy creating


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Spring Day!

Hello again, and Happy Spring Day to all of you in the southern Hemisphere! In Cape Town, however, the weather is just reminding us that it can's very windy, overcast and rather chilly with rain due tomorrow!(PS: it's raining now...we've decided it's the weather supporting Rhino Poaching Awareness month!)

I've had wonderful week tangle clay tiles came back from firing ...and they look stunning! I painted the whole tile with underglaze and then scratched out the tangles with a porcupine quill! I'm now going to do another set with exactly the same patterns, but the dark glaze on the white tile.

The pots are pinch pots...and the first ones I've ever made!

A close up of two of my tiles.
Challenge #37 - "Kiss my Grids" - is one of the quickest challenges I've done...I like the grid tangles and I used one of my favourite tangles with variations.
Challenge #37 using Bales

My hubby is due back from Amsterdam tomorrow morning, after being there a whole week on business, it will nice to have him home again. We've decided that next time he goes to Amsterdam, I'm going with him! Just imagine all those art galleries of famous people I can visit...

The eldest gannet is having surfing lessons on saturdays now is loving it! (See the collage below for proof - hee hee) Nippers has also started with winter training (for those who don't know, Nippers are U10, U12, U14 lifesavers in training), so our weekends are now being spent on the beach...roll on summer...and the sun!

Thanks to all the visitors I've had to my blog...I can't believe I've had 1000 visitors since I started! Thanks for all the wonderful comments you 've  made, I'm enjoying meeting you all! 

Keep crafting