Saturday, July 28, 2012

Birthday Party Weekend

Phew, one week down, one to go! 
Cape Dance Festival is on at the moment, as well as the normal school day - if there ever is such a thing as a normal school day!
The eldest gannet also had her 13th birthday party this weekend with one of her best friends whose birthday is 2 days before hers! They decided to combine their party and we had it this weekend!

The BIrthday party group!

Eldest gannet ...still a child at heart xx

So, in between all of this, is Cape Dance Festival....on Thursday, the eldest gannet danced her set dance and got an Honours (very chuffed). On Sunday (tomorrow), both girls dance their characters and hubby goes away for a week! Sigh! On Wednesday next week, while I'm at netball matches, the eldest gannet is running in the zonal champs for cross country (very proud of her for making the cut) and then both gannets are dancing their hip hop.....then we breathe and collapse because everything is done and hubby comes home.

 So...I've managed to do Challenge #80, except it's on a smaller piece of card because I ran out of the regular size ones (and I ran out of time too!) Same as the Diva,  I also haven't tried this one before ...I just never felt like doing it. The toughest part of this challenge for me, was getting the little black ovals right in the beginning. I'm not sure I like this one yet, but I'll try it again.
Challenge #80 with MI2, Mooka and Sanibelle

 Temperatures are slowly rising down here in the Cape, with the rain becoming less and less. The wind is still icy, but the days are getting longer, and we know spring is in the air when the whales arrive in our beautiful bay!

Till next week


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Water water everywhere!

Oh my goodness! I din't know so much water could fall from the sky in such a short space of time! It started yesterday afternoon (Friday) during the interschools cross country race and is still raining! If it carried in too much more, the pool will overflow...
The water usually sits half way up the skimmer box...

Creatively, I finished my rainbow blanket. I started it last year winter, and it's now done. I needed something to keep my hands busy and wanted to use all the balls of wool I had sitting in my basket. The stripes go down the length of the blanket.

 I've also finally finished my flower! I loved the colouras of this one when I saw the photograph, I just drew it way too big (again) so it took a while to finish!
A3 drawing done in Derwent Inktense pencils without water.

I loved the idea for this weeks challenge from Rho Densmore as the Diva is away. I only finished mine last night, so I think I've missed the posting deadline. I'm going to work on it some needs background and shading still. (I'm not sure why it's loaded sidewards, but computers do their own things sometimes!)

Challenge 79: Brayd, HIbred, Kandysnake, 'Nzeppel, Prestwood
Till next time

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family Weekend

So we've hit the coldest part of the year, and people are driving up to the Matroosberg in Ceres to see and play in the snow! (We don't get snow in Cape Town, so it's good fun to actually see it.)

Andrew has been on leave this week so we went to Knysna for 5 days. Knysna is in the heart of the famous Garden Route and where my parents adn brother stay. ON the sunday morning, loads of Cape paddlers took part in the Knysna Lagoon Challeneg in K1/2/3 canoes - all practicing for World Marathon CHamps - and the eldest gannet, hubby and brother took part in the SUP races. Brother or Uncle Legend, did the LOng course of 8kms and hubby and eldest gannet did the short course of 3 kms. Hubby came 2nd and eldest gannet was the youngest paddler!
Caitlin paddling the downwind section on a race SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)
Caitlin also won a lucky draw prize for 2 adults to visit the Knysna Elephant Park!! What an amazing place...they have 9 elephants now and two of them are pregnant. We fed them and then got to walk and stroke them with one of the many qualified handlers. Amazing animals!
Youngest gannet and I with Sally, the matriach of the herd.

Wednesday, the weather cleared and we had a stunning, if mild, winters day. So later that night, we lit a fire and flashed some steaks on the braai with a liitle wine and great company.
The view from my brothers house as the sun was setting!
One of the very photos of me and hubby(as I usually always have the camera!)

So....onto to challenges etc...I did my tile for Challenge #77, but with travelling and paddling competitions, I never got to enter it on time. I did enter the Zentangle competition with their new tangle, auraknot, and was hoping The Diva would have it as her next challenge. I love the fact that there are no grids with this one and you can do it with as many points as you like. I had to use 2 colours in mine, because the pattern told me to! LOL!
Challenge 78 attempt 1...

Challenge 78 attempt 2...

Challenge 78 attempt 3

I like the way the two colours interact! I'm definitely going to use this tangle again.

Keep crafting