Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's heat wave

Yes I am still around (just in case you were wondering) laptop was in hospital with a battery and wasn't working :(  It was there for almost 3 weeks hence the lack of posting!

Life has been busy here in the gannet house...just for a change LOL....and while the rest of the world has been experiencing floods and snow storms, we have our best weather in Cape Town in February. So much so, that the temp has been ranging between 28 and 33 degrees C all week and the sea has been a balmy 22!

The eldest gannet has made us sooo proud this last week...she was awarded teh Junior Victrix Ludorum for athletics after Sports Day and the Girl with the Most Points. All the top athletes went to the Interschools competition on Wednesday and she came first in all 3 of her events: 400m, 800m and a high jump of 1.45m! IN 2 weeks time she goes to the 2nd round of Interschools and is one step closer to making the provincial team! 

I got an early birthday present from my hubby 2 weeks ago...
My Coreban SUP!

I've been playing in my sketchbook/journal with all sorts of drawings, doodles and sketches, trying to work on both sides of the page. I'm trying my hand at art journalling on the back of some of the pages as it thickens the page for watercolour afterwards! 

Watercolour on photocopied music.

New Year tangle #2


I also finally managed to finish the Diva's weekly challenge this week on TIME! I've included last weeks challenge as well because the pattern turned out to look like hearts!

Challenge #153 and #154

Have a great Monday everyone




  1. Love your heart spiraling down.

  2. Hm, something went wrong and my comment disappeard. Try again:
    I'm glad you're back, Penny. I love your spiral heart a lot and the rest is also beautiful. Your un-umbrella made me smile!