Friday, March 28, 2014

Holidays looming...

What a term it has been! You know the feeling you get when the washing machine is on the spin cycle and when it's finished, instead of opening the machine to let you out, someone just turns the machine on again?!!

The eldest gannet has had the most phenomenal term with her sport...she made it all the way to Western Province trials with her 800m! She came 8th in her heat but still ran her fastest time! Last week was SA Lifesaving Champs...there were 28 clubs taking part and again she was amazing! She came 5th in the Iron man - a 200m swim, 300m board and 400m ski! Very proud parents xx
Eldest gannet powering her way to the finish.

Hubby and I also took part in the Masters competition! He got 2 bronze medals and I got 5 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze! Super chuffed with myself and very stiff the next day in places I had forgotten could get stiff LOL! World Rescue 2014 is in France this year and I've decided to send myself!

Our Fish Hoek Masters Team

Our Ladies contingent

Flags final!

I've been a busy girl with all my doodling, creating and tangling and actually managed to complete this weeks Diva Challenge!
Challenge #160

Holidays start today for us...a whole week...and then back to school for 9 days, Easter weekend, 2 public holidays and 3 school holidays=10 days and then back to school for the rest of the term! Crazy!!

Happy Creating everyone


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