Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Comfy Cowl

So I'm in wool made at the moment and have been knitting and crocheting madly for the last 2 weeks! I bought a round loom set and have made some socks - they were such fun! Our local wool shop has started a baby beanie drive and loads of kids at school, including my youngest, are looming beabies, which are being donated to the Prem clinic next month.

The loom and boys baby beanie...because it's blue!
My socks!

 And for my next trick....
A colleague of mine comes to school 2 weeks ago with a very pretty knitted scarfy-cowl-thing! So fellow wool enthusiast and I respectfully request her to remove it, so we can investigate how it was made! She very kindly obliged...it was originally shop made but it was fairly simple...well I thought so! 

Colleague asks if I could make another one...I say "Sure, just buy the wool" 1 hour later, she's back with wool! I brought the scarfy-cowl home and had a good look and started knitting.....VOILA! It is now named Helena's Comfy Cowl...made and designed by yours truly!

Helena's Comfy Cowl

 Happy knitting/crocheting/looming or drawing


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