Friday, July 1, 2016

Pretty poncho

It's the middle of winter here in Cape Town, where that rainy chill gets deep into your bones and makes everything cold..especially after sunset and when the wind is blowing..stew and soup weather and crochet time!

Having made Sophie last year, I needed something else to get the brain going (and I just can't get into making the Last Dance on  the Beach CAL) I found Charlotte. I have enough wool that I  bought for the CAL to make 4 Charlottes and then I can stitch them together to make a blanket! Yippee! Loving her so far!
Part 1 of Charlotte.

Part 2 half way done

We're on winter school holidays at the moment,so I'm also playing in the kitchen...not something I have the chance or the time to do during the term. Behold the ultimate burger. ... and Asian stir fry!

Garlic butter grilled roll homemade mushroom sauce and patty, with crispy onion rings on the side...mmmm

 And of course some more crochet! I found a stunning poncho while cruising that terrible terrible place called Pinterest.....LOL.... there was no pattern, so I engineered my own. Have a look at her ponchos though, they are stunning!
Very chuffed with how mine worked out...and am now busy with another one for the youngest gannet.
My 4 square poncho....designed by me!!

Happy days

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