Thursday, December 8, 2011

Last days of school!

School ends tomorrow, and then my eldest is in her last year of primary school! 6 years, just like that...where does the time go?! I am a very proud mom though, Caitlin received the Senior Victrix Ludorum at Prize giving last night!! 

 The Diva's challenge this week is to use a new tangle Fife. (You can see how to do it in the Newsletter here.) I find it similar to Bales but without the grid! All things Christmassy are around us now, and this tangle was asking to be used as a wreath...

Challenge #51...
Challenge #51 in colour!

I found this AMAZING book....! I know that us tangles aren't really supposed to use the D word (d..o..o..d..l..e), but this book has so many possibilities! Some of the pages are drawn and just need colouring (similar to the cover) and others have been started and you have to finish them!

THE Book!

One of the pages where the sketcher can play!

This one asks you to finish the antlers of the reindeer!!

Short and sweet this week....I must get supper ready now as I'm treating the whole family to Phantom of the Opera tonight! I saw it a few years and promised my girls I would take them the next time!

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Gorgeous fife wreath! Ooh! swearing word, starting with D :-o lol lol but the book is useful for tangles anyway! Only tanglers know it is not that D*** so we are not ignorant :-D

  2. Great holiday Fife! I did a stocking, so I understand the ease with which it fills a holiday design. Hope you heal quickly!

  3. I love how you did fife in the wreath.