Sunday, January 22, 2012


It's been a month since my last blog. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season and start to the New Year. 

I"ve finally got rid of the "Moonboot" after 5 weeks, and then started physio. I think one of my favourite things was when I could drive again!! Having to rely on other people to take me places for 6 weeks was tiring! Sooooo, I start driving 2 days before my hubby goes away on his annual work conference - this year to Orlando, Florida - for 10 days, which always coincides with the beginning of the school year! HECTIC! WHile he's away, we have a heatwave like we haven't had for years, 24 degrees at night and 35 degrees during the day! Poor Andrew returns from his trip, where it was winter, to this!

On to crafty things....I completed another flower, this one is a hibiscus I saw in someone's garden, and the colours are stunning! Does anyone know what it's name is?!

The Nipper season started in earnest again, with our 1st competition of the year being at Blouberg (translated from Afrikaans for my overseas friends meaning Blue mountain)...I took this photo of Table Mountain...can't get enough if this view!

The  Diva has hopefully had a wonderfully deserved break and started off the new challenges with a colour challenge. I'm not sure I like mine, I think I should have left the purple wash off! I have taken a leaf out of the Enthusiastic Artist's book though and am trying different tangles each time I do a challenge! My "challenge" this year is to do at least one new tangle with each challenge!

Challenge #54: tangles used are 'nzeppel, hollibaugh, Knightsbridge, tipple, fohbraid, mooka,and a spiral thingie of my own!

Playing with my camera, this is the Fiddlewood in my garden. It's a confused tree because it loses it's leaves in summer and is beautifully green and lush in winter!

Last, but not least, in my persusing of things crafty, I found this website called Rainbow Elephant, and discovered Pattern stacks These are SUCH fun to do and the instructions are awesome!

Here's to  wonderful 2012 everyone!


  1. Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed your break....nice to see you kept a little busy being crafty. I've seen those pattern stacks on her site as well but had forgotten about them - meant to try them so thanks for the reminder. I like your tangle goal of using at least one unfamiliar one in each challenge this year - you may find new favorites.

    You asked about my photo processing - I use Photoshop Elements; have had it for years. I know there are simpler free photo editing programs out there that I read about but am unfamiliar with but would allow you to add quotes and adjust color, etc. If you end up with PSE, let me know, I'll be glad to help you out with specific techniques or tips.

  2. Penny - I love your pattern stacks. They came out lovely! I especially like the whimsical way your balanced the "B" in your name stack!

    Thanks also for sharing your talents and inspiration on line.