Saturday, January 28, 2012

Favourite quote

I found this saying last year. I don't know who said it/wrote it, but I loved it...and still do! 

We rush around day in and out, very seldom taking time out for ourselves, (as mothers tend to do)  and pick up the pieces as they fall off. How many have we uttered "why me?", heaved a sigh, cried /ranted and raved, picked ourselves up and then carried on! Something I learned last year, was to stop and focus on number one...ME! If I don't look after me, who will?!

I've been temping these last 3 weeks in the PRO  position at the High School...the place where my world fell apart last year... It's been interesting. I've always wondered what other job I could do , (I've been a teacher for 22 years) and am starting to enjoy myself! I have my own office, phone, computer and printer, my day is not regulated by bells and I don't have to interact with pupils unless I want to! I have 3 weeks to go and then the post is advertised...who knows!

Creatively, not much this week, very sad, I know, but I've been looking at everyone elses tangles and reading up on other stuff to do. I was given a set of Derwent Graphitint pencils for Christmas by my darling hubby and am busy drawing...wait for it...another flower!

My pencil sets...
My Christmas present... I did the colour blocks...aren't the colours AMAZING!

My tangle for Challenge #55, is very simple. I have kept with my resolution this year to try new patterns though!
Challenge #55

My next thing to try, is manipulating photos with textured backgrounds etc. I just have to work out how to use the programme first!

Have a great week


  1. You did a great job of making Fohbraid go around the corners; lovely!

  2. Wow that pattern makes a beautiful filling for this challenge!

  3. It looks like woven leather- wonderful!