Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hi all!

and an interesting week it has been too! We're in the last days of summer here - the wind is starting to pick up, which means autumn is around the corner! I had a birthday last week and was treated royally by friends and family alike (I'm now officially on the wrong side of 40...but as my hubby always says "You're only as old as you feel!") 

 Challenge #61 was interesting and fun, as it involved one of my favourite tanglers, Mariet. You can visit her blog here and for all sorts of inspiration, have a look at her  Flickr site, she is a very talented lady!

Challenge #61 with Golven, cadent, and leafy-things

On Wedneday 29 February, the Nippers had a break form training and had a fun Mini Olympics instead. Teams were made up, and fun races were held including "Water Polo" with a greased up watermelon! Ever watched 30 children trying to hold and then throw a watermelon that keeps slipping out of their hands?! As usual, I had my camera handy, and couldn't resist this photo which I've titled "Sitting Ducks"

On a different creative note this week, Caitlin (my eldest gannet) came home from school raving about the iced tea that they'd made in Domestic Skills. I tasked her with making some to was delicious!'s the recipe:
Make tea with Rooibos teabags (at least 4), let it soak /draw and then add cold water (at least 1litre). add honey for sweetness. For lemon flavoured tea, add lemon juice; for mint flavoured tea, add a few sprigs of fresh mint. Leave it the fridge overnight. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, keep crafting


  1. Golven, cadent, and leafy-things never looked so good!

  2. Beautiful tile,
    Love the border, with perfect corners.

  3. Great job, it's like a lovely little Golven basket.

  4. Great tile - lovin' the border of golven and your leafy things look like Flux to me....they look cool floating in the bed of circles.