Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Orleans

Ok, so I missed the deadline for challenge #59, but here it is anyway. :(

My version of Challenge #59, finally completed!

 My hubby went to New Orleans lst year in January for his annual work conference and came back with some stunning photos...just for me!

The reflection in the swamps

I did it!!  I managed to get the challenge done on time this week! I'll admit, though, that munchin is not my favourite tangle, but I think I got it right!
Challenge #60

I'm so proud of both the gannets...we had Western Province Nipper Champs this last weekend (half day saturday and all day sunday) to see which is the best club in our province! We've battled with numbers this year because of the shark attack in the bay as the nipper season opened, but our numbers are improving which is great! The youngest gannet (Michaela) made the finals for the U10 flags and was the 3rd one out, so she came 7th overall. Caitlin, the oldest gannet, came 10th in the Iron Nipper - this race consists of a n-shaped arena that is 70m deep by 120m across - and they swim the circuit, then body board, then malibu  (also called a kneeboard) the circuit!

Now we start training for SA Champs which is all the clubs in South Africa! Busy bsuy busy!

Happy crafting everyone


  1. A distinctive beautiful tile!

  2. It is very strong and graphik peace of art.

  3. I like the strong black fill on cirquital - it makes the tile so dramatic. Your mardi gras mask is fun too - I missed that challenge.... Glad to hear your girls are doing so well!