Saturday, April 7, 2012


 Hi everyone!

The countdown to South African Nipper Championships has begun....Fri 30 March - Sun 1 April at Kings Beach in Port Elizabeth (on our East Coast)....! I'll have a full report next week on how my gannets both did with a few photos (of course!)

I'm in love! I found this new lettering lady on  Tangle Patterns and I'm so hooked! Zenspirations is a mixture between  Zentangle and  Martha Lever and it's such fun! I've always been a fan of lettering and these two ladies both do stunning stuff!

 The previous challenge from The Diva was to use the "Fortune Teller" paper fold! My youngest gannet still loves to play with these and is constantly asking me to do it with her.

Interestingly enough, I knew immediately which tangle I wanted to do on the left-hand square. The right-hand one took a bit longer as I paged through my tangle book.

Challenge #64
My "tangle book" is a flip file (file with plastic folders) with all the tangle I've copied that I like (and some I don't like!) WHen I found Zentangle, I copied all the tangles from the newsletters and pasted them into a Word doc, which I filed. I've now created alphabetical pages of the tangles which I keep in my file. Everytime I come across a new tangle that someone has used that I like, I either draw it onto the relevant page or I find the pattern and copy and paste for myself. (Instead of using the isohedron from the zentangle kit to choose a tangle,I use it to choose an alphabet letter!)   

Saturday 7 April

Why is it, that whenever you want to make time to be creative, life gangs up on you and you end up doing none of the things you'd planned?! We went away for Nipper Champs and on the way home stopped off in Knysna for some RnR...I had my drawing and travelling painting stuff and was eager to sit and be creative, and all I ended up doing was taking my art bag for a few outings!

My girls at Nipper Champs...Michaela (youngest) did her first ever water event, and Caitlin (oldest) came 6th overall in the body board race! Very proud parents!

I did manage to do theThe DIva's Challenge this week and post it on time too! (Last weeks was done, I just never got to post it in time. I thought I'd done a good job with the fortune teller design too!) Anyhow,this weeks was done on a page which I'd started/designed quite a while ago, but the Huggy Bear design was a perfect fit. So, I also went looking for other grid designs to fill the paint blobs. I want to add colour, I'm just not sure where!

Challenge #65
 While we were in Knysna, we celebrated my dad's 70th birthday (his birthday is on Tuesday 10th, but since the whole family was together, we had an early celebration!)

My mom, me, my bother and my dad!

 Phew! And after all that stuning weather we had while away, back home in Cape Town, winter is settling's raining! (and it's due to rain for the next 3 -4 days, so hiding easter eggs in the garen could be interesting!)

HAve a wonderful Easter everyone!



  1. A painter with splotches of zentangle is a wonderful idea. Your variation of huggy bear is impressive!

  2. It's interesting how you have Huggins and Huggy Bear right next to each other, and they look so different! Love you palette idea.

  3. Love your paint blobs. What a creative concept!

  4. Clever idea with a wonderful result!

  5. Just discovered your blog. You are an inspiration. I love tangles and I have just found a lady on the net combining letters and tangles, too. It's like, why did I not think of that? Looking forward to having fun with this new idea. It's nice to see that others are into the same things that are interesting me. By the way, I love your profile photo, I hope you have a blow-up framed and in your home somewhere. It is just a delightful picture. I'm your newest follower. My name is Connie and I'm probably your mother's age. I'm just enjoying life, making art and having a great time discovering this world of blogging and making creative friends from all over the world. Please come visit my blog, hopefully you'll enjoy it and want to follow me, too. Have a great day. Connie :)