Friday, April 27, 2012

Freedom Day

Today we celebrate Freedom Day in South Africa to commemorate the 1st Democratic Election held in 1994. Added on to this long weekend is a school holiday on Monday because we have Workers Day on May 1 - so we have a 5 day weekend!!

Winter has also made its first real showing this week and is pushing autumn out of the way...temps have dropped, it's rained nearly every day (we have winter rainfall here in Cape Town) and I have to wear a jersey most of the time! So while we're getting out all the blankets and winter woolies, most of my new crafty friends are welcoming summer in the northern hemisphere!

Challenge 67 celebrates Earth Day or as Chewie says "Amanda Day". I drew this zendala a while ago and it seemed fitting to use it for this challenge! I'm very glad to hear that Artoo is doing better, I admire the Diva and family for all her positiveness throughout all the ups and downs. She really is an inspiration.

Challenge #67: "Amanda Day"

I've got the acrylic painting bug's taken a while to come back, but that's how it goes. I do the background first with a credit card, and then draw my African designs on top. This one has 2 ladies walking home with their pots on their heads. It will get a fence and some bushes this space!

We're having an end of summer braai tonight - that's a barbeque to those who don't know - braai comes from the Afrikaans language meaning to cook food over an open fire! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
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  1. Lovely Zendala, your Pressed Wood lace is wonderful. Great contrast and texture. I'll be checking out your painting progress. Do you use the credit card like a spatula? Very interesting.

  2. Your zendala is a celebration of beauty!

  3. Your Zendala is fabulous! I can't do Prestwood to save my life:( And I love the start of your painting; I'm sure it's going to be very cool!

  4. Your Zendala is a celebration! I love the style and your beautifully done patterns.