Saturday, July 28, 2012

Birthday Party Weekend

Phew, one week down, one to go! 
Cape Dance Festival is on at the moment, as well as the normal school day - if there ever is such a thing as a normal school day!
The eldest gannet also had her 13th birthday party this weekend with one of her best friends whose birthday is 2 days before hers! They decided to combine their party and we had it this weekend!

The BIrthday party group!

Eldest gannet ...still a child at heart xx

So, in between all of this, is Cape Dance Festival....on Thursday, the eldest gannet danced her set dance and got an Honours (very chuffed). On Sunday (tomorrow), both girls dance their characters and hubby goes away for a week! Sigh! On Wednesday next week, while I'm at netball matches, the eldest gannet is running in the zonal champs for cross country (very proud of her for making the cut) and then both gannets are dancing their hip hop.....then we breathe and collapse because everything is done and hubby comes home.

 So...I've managed to do Challenge #80, except it's on a smaller piece of card because I ran out of the regular size ones (and I ran out of time too!) Same as the Diva,  I also haven't tried this one before ...I just never felt like doing it. The toughest part of this challenge for me, was getting the little black ovals right in the beginning. I'm not sure I like this one yet, but I'll try it again.
Challenge #80 with MI2, Mooka and Sanibelle

 Temperatures are slowly rising down here in the Cape, with the rain becoming less and less. The wind is still icy, but the days are getting longer, and we know spring is in the air when the whales arrive in our beautiful bay!

Till next week


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