Saturday, September 22, 2012

End of term is getting closer...

What an interesting 2 weeks! Apologies for no entry last week - hubby was away for 8 days in Nigeria and the youngest gannet had the most horrendous cold with temperatures, chesty coughs and the obligatory blocked nose!

So, having survived the week and weekend (with a half completed challenge) I started afresh this week. I remember the Pinwheels for Peace challenge from last year, and decided to do my own "garden" as the challenge.  I used a colour set of 0.4 pens that I have and did the shading in coloured pencil.
Challenge #87: Green pinwheel: Nzeppel and sez; purple: florz and a madeup one; blue: lanie and another made up one!

The eldest gannet came up with a tangle and asked me to please post it on the zentangle page! I told her I couldn't do that, but I could post it on my Flickr page in the Zentangle pool and obviously here! She's called it Bamdoozle. The drawing instructions are below, and then she played with the design a bit and came up with some tangleations (which she prefers!) I haven't touched the drawings - these are the originals from Caitlin B!

Steps for Bamdoozle(I like the way theu mirror each other here!)
Tangleations of Bamdoozle

I finished another's a picture I found in an old diary...our March lilies in our garden are this colour too! It's done with Derwent Inktense Pencils used dry!

Happy Heritage Day or National Braai Day to all my South African friends on Monday 24 September! The official Public Holiday is Heritage Day, but it's been "renamed" National Braai Day because braaing is such a big part part of our way of life down here! Braai is an Afrikaans word meaning to cook over on open flame(pronounced br-eye) - so it's not a braai if it's not cooked over a gas allowed!

Happy creating


  1. I love your colored pinwheels, the balance between dark and light is great. And I do have to compliment your daughter with her Bamdoozle tangle. Great work she did, I like the tangleation of the one with big green outlined I (down -left) I think it would be great on a border. Thanks for sharing it here.

  2. A lovely group of pinwheels! Nice tangle of your daughter!

  3. Your pinwheels are beautiful. I love your choice of color and patterns. They are very sharp looking.

  4. All three pinwheels are gorgeous! Bamboozle is fun! and the flower is really wonderful!