Friday, September 7, 2012

Sunny Spring

Well, Market Day has come and gone. The girls did well at their stall-they have to put it together and decorate themselves, parents are not allowed to help! Fish Hoek Primary did very well this year...we won 3 stall prizes, Best Teacher and Top School!!
Mikaela and Cailtin at their stall at 8am in the morning!

All our wonderful winners!

I stumbled across a wonderful Blog competition while looking around some crafty sites and would like to invite my Blog friends to join me in the Fairies Tea Blog Party on 23 September. I'll set the table and bake the Fairy Cakes and invite some fairy friends of the smallest gannet's to join us too. I'm not that great at drawing fairies but I have done an Art Journal page about fairies which I quite liked! (Try as I might, I couldn't get the photo to load the right way around though!)

I used watercolour pencils for the swirls, and stamps fro the flowers and spirals. The poem I found in book belonging to the younngest gannet.

"I believe in the little people, Faeries, gnomes and elves. If we can't find them in this world, perhaps we'll find them in ourselves."

And so, finally, on toThe CHallenge this week - Challenge #85-a new tangle Copada by  The Enthusiastic Artist, I love the little village pictures she's done using this tangle and all the different colours. My entry this week happened in 2 days - I knew exactly what I wanted to draw!
Challenge #85: Copada, paradox, Nzeppel

The Bright Owl's Zendala Dare this week is a monodala! Create a zendala using one tangle and any tangleations you can think of! Sounds like fun!

Till next week


  1. A wonderful border around the amazing center!

  2. Love your tile. Very dramatic with wonderful line work!

  3. Beautiful tile! Great choice of patterns.

  4. Your tangle looks great! The center really draws the eye in.

  5. It just sparkles! lovely choice of tangles :)

  6. You made a beuatifil monodala! I love the little poem and will write in in my artjournal.

  7. Love your copada, and a brilliant center!