Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hi all!

I can't believe  another week has gone by so fast! The last 2 weeks of our 1st school term are always crazy, but this year it's even crazier! We have 3 days next week as Thurs 21st is a Public Holiday and Friday is a school holiday...and the last week school breaks up on Thursday as Friday is Good Friday! Our Nippers all have Bootcamp next week as well: training every night from 5-6:30, with dinner provided and then a sleepover on the Saturday as the following weekend is South African Nipper Nationals in Durban!
 (And then after all of that, it's back to school!

Phew! I finally finished my pencil drawing of a White-fronted Bee-eater. I usually draw flowers - I'm a lover of bright colours-but this bird got my attention, so....

This is the picture in our Country Life magazine.

Stage 1: the sketch

Stage 2: colour added with Inktense and Graphitint pencils and then watered. I then got stuck into the head with the dry pencils...

Stage 3: the body, using layers of dry pencil and lots of little feathery strokes...

Stage 4: the finished branch and bird!

I wasn't so sure of the Challenge this week from the Diva....I had a few ideas, but none worked. It was the Enthusiastic Artist who finally gave me the inspiration I needed to complete my tangle. (I even used one of her strings!) I'm really chuffed the way it turned out...AND...I used a few new tangles too!

Challenge #109: tink, scallops(with a Penny variation), paizel, twile

Now to find another picture to draw with my pencils...! I have found some awesome photos on Eden Elle's Pinterest page. (She's the Draw, Doodle and Decorate lady, and I LOVE her blog - She has so many wonderful ideas!)

Happy Creating


  1. Nice combination of tangles, your technique looks great, shading really give it depth. Fun to see your process on the Inktense Bee-eater, lovely job.

  2. A lovely work of art and I must point out that the lovely folding lines are wonderful!

  3. Your tile is great and the choise of tangles too. And your bird? WOW.

  4. Love the bird and your tangle!!! Beautiful work!

  5. Lovely tile! Your bird looks wonderful, too!