Sunday, March 10, 2013

Step by step...

Greetings from a very hot Cape Town! Today for the most part we are house bound as it is the Pick 'n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour...36 000 cyclists...105km starting in Cape Town and ending in Cape Town after riding around the peninsula! We can't get out of our suburb today as the race comes past until 3pm this afternoon!

The eldest gannet has had an AMAZING week two weeks ago..she secured her first photo shoot on Saturday for a major clothing retailer here in SA! She was scouted at a school rugby match last year by a top model agency here in Cape Town and has been for some training. I got a phone call on Monday saying she was on Saturday, we were flown to Durban (2 hours by air) for the shoot for the autumn fashion insert and then flown home!

Her Z-card!
And on top of all this, she came 2nd in her high jump at the Inter schools athletics competition on Tuesday, and went through to the zonal trials on Friday. AT the High Schools inter house swimming gala: she came 3rd in butterfly and 1st in backstroke, and both her relay teams came first! I am such a proud mommy at the moment!!

One of my favourite blogs to visit on a regular basis is Draw Doodle Decorate. Eden has the most wonderful ideas with colouring in with markers and her paintings are amazing! I'vw started a circle design like hers and am busy with the colouring with my new Sharpie markers that I got when we were in Orlando on holiday.
My Draw Doodle Decorate inspired drawing about to be coloured.
More colour...

I'm finally managing to get the challenge completed and uploaded this week! I will freely admit though,I don't like this tangle! I played around trying it out and ended up with the page below! It's very seldom I give up on a page. I was determined to finish it and went through quite a few of the entries to The Diva's weekly challenge before I found one that I thought I could work! (Thank you Margaret Bremmer)

Challenge #108: Keeko, Whyz and leafy things!

I've got a few more arty creations that are being finished off, so I might even blog twice this week!!

OMG...I almost forgot...this is the maiden blog on my birthday present from my wonderful hubby....a laptop!!!!

Happy creating


  1. You have mastered whyz! It sounds like wonderful things are happening in your part of the world, congratulations!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! Sports are the perfect balance to modeling and it sounds like she loves her sports.
    Those Sharpies of yours are making "music" on the your patterns and your take on Whyz.

  3. You have done very well with the Whyz, and many congratulations to your daughter, you must be so proud.

  4. This may be a comfort: lots of us had trubble drawing Whyz, it's not an easy one. But in the end you mastered it. Good on you!!! I like the circles too.
    Please let your daughter know that her photo's are beautiful!