Thursday, April 25, 2013



Well after our winter rain and cold last weekend which had everyone scurrying to find the winter woolies, we're now having an Indian Summer. It was a "balmy" 30 degrees C today with a bit of a berg wind(a hot wind), which had everyone stripping off all those layers you tend to pile on in autumn! 

Every Friday, we go to our public library and get out books! We are a reading family and the youngest gannet now has control of dad's library card as well as her own - which means she takes out 14 books every week!!! While browsing the craft and drawing shelves (something I have to do, JUST in case there's a new book...) I found a book called BIG Knitting. It was wonderful! The smallest needle was a 10mm and the biggest was a 20mm, and the only wool you used was chunky and extra chunky - so everything knits up really fast! 
I found a pattern for a shrug, which I made for the youngest gannet using one strand of double knit and one starnd of chunky.

The shrug!

Youngest gannet posing with her shrug as a scarf!

Scarf again!

I also now have a  Pinterest page! These little amigurumi patterns pooped up one day as the interest of the day and I fell in love! Amigurumi is Japanese crochet done with small hooks and fairly thin yarn. There are some gorgeous patterns and I've done these two!

The purple one is a Monster and the pink one is a baby owl. The monster is only 5cm high!

On to tangles and things...I decided to do a zendala using my new set of French curves! I was half way through the ZIA, when The Diva  posted her latest challenge-Amanda Day or Earth Day as our mere mortals know it! My zendala was already in blues and greens and just fitted right in!

Challenge #115: fingers. nzeppel and twisted rope.

Happy crafting


  1. Lovely, your colors are yummy, knitting and tangling! Love that future model, so sweet!

  2. A great zendala with beautiful (earth) colors.

  3. Nice color combination for this challenge. 'Nzeppel is one of my favorite tangles.