Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Autumn in May

Apologies to my blog friends for being absent for so long! I have no excuse that's not to say I didn't think of any! I have battled to complete some of the Diva's challenges on time, and when I miss the slideshow deadline, I stop....very sad! 

I've been busy creatively in other ways though...I now have my own Pinterest account/page and am finding quite a few interesting things to try....one of which I did for supper tonight!
 I made mini steak pies in the muffin pan (the pinned recipe made cherry pies)! I adapted the recipe slightly though, courtesy of a friend of mine and poured thick pancake mixture over the top instead of a pastry case. They...were...delicious!

Just out the oven...oozing gravy

Cut in half to cool down
With home made chips and salad...yum

Zendala Dare #54 from The Bright Owl caught my attention and after completing the Earth Day or Amanda Day challenge, I was still caught up in mixing colours with the black and white.

And then I got started on a random art work with complementary colours blue and orange....it was such fun to do!

 Hopefully, I can finish this week's challenge on time (I'm still working on the previous one)...


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