Saturday, January 17, 2015


I'm on a crocheting kick...still...I've always preferred crocheting to knitting, and have started working on my WIPs- (New Years Resolution #2)! I started a scarf last year sometime and stopped when I got to the border. Basically the given border was a little tricky to  understand at the time, so I stopped. I'm now crocheting the border with my own pattern! 

In between all this, I've been doing Marinke's 2014 CAL which has/is so much fun! 12 weeks...10 patterns...60 squares...joining and edging instructions...blanket! I've got 6 squares to go and then I start joining.
My stash of squares so far...

Playing with the layout...

My next project is going to be a large circular floor rug made from tarn. (For those who don't know, tarn is T-shirt yarn which can be made from old T-shirts or T-shirt material.) A ready made ball of tarn (50g) costs R50, which works out quite expensive when you want to make something off to our local fabric shop I go, and buy 2m of denim blue T-shirt material @R30 pm. I then cut and cut and cut and cut...and wound it all up into a HUGE ball weighing in at 560g!! and it only cost me R60!!

The cutting process...

A close-up of how to cut the fabric to get a continuous strip!

Once cut, you stretch the  strips as you wind to get the edges to curl. My 560g ball of tarn!

And finally, my New Years Resolution #1, to participate in the The Diva's weekly challenges again! THis challenge is her 200th challenge - well done Diva! We were asked to tangle out Go-to tangle...and mine is Nzeppel (with a few tangleations)

Happy creating



  1. 'nzeppel is a good one! and wow! i've never seen anyone make yarn that way - pretty cool!

  2. Welcome back, you have been missed! Your Nzepple tile is beautiful, I think it's a mix of Nzepple and Cocks and Mussels (not really sure of the name).
    Thanks for sharing your crocheting progress.