Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lifesaving and Nippers

Greetings from a windswept and beached out mom!

We are gearing up for our regional championships and National Championships in both Nippers and Lifesaving at the moment and so are spending pretty much every weekend on the beach! We have one gannet still as a nipper and the other is a lifesaver, and their competitions are back to back at the moment!
The early morning drizzle and cloud made a pretty picture at 6:30am!

I'm still, however, finding time to craft and spend me time...which as we all know is of paramount importance! My CAL blanket is almost finished...I've attached all the squares together and am now starting on the border! I've been VERY good too about not doing any other crochet project while I do this one!

Journal 52 has been fun too (haha..that rhymes!) and I was particularly please with my page for prompts 4 and 5...TV and Windows.

In my second Step by step Art journal technique post, I've moved out of my comfort zone, which is to put lots of paint on the page. It's not my favourite thing to do, I feel the pages are too thick.

Step 1: Gesso the page so that it can withstand everything else.
 Step 2: Cut and paste a book/magazine/scrapbook page onto the gesso. If yo have a heat gun, it makes the drying process much faster!

 Step 3: Paint your chosen colour over the magazine/book page. Keep it slightly watered down so that the page shows through...otherwise what's the point of using it?!

Step 4: Using acrylic white and a piece of bubble wrap, stamp onto the page. (I use acrylic paint because the white watercolour doesn't show up!)

Step 5: I used a foam stamp and watercolour to stamp the blue

Step 6: More stamps and more colours. (I use stamps because I don't have stencils!)

Step 7: Using black ink and my conversation bubble stamp I stamped 4 bubbles. I then cut out the telephone pictures from this VERY old school textbook!

Step 8: Glue everything down and voila!

Happy creating

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