Thursday, June 9, 2011


I Hate Builders!
Ok, it's now seriously  official! We are redoing the walls of MY PLAYROOM...aka my crafting space because the original builder did a reeeelly bad I have cretestone dust everywhere and my entire room has been moved into my spare room!
MY just lots of dust and unplastered walls :-((
I will be will be better when it's needs to be done...   this is my new mantra!

On a much happier note...I managed to finish these little beaded keychains before the evacuation. The keyring is my ponybeads and buttons - great for using up all the left overs and brilliant for kids in the holidays when the weather is too miserable to go outside!

The walk up to the Point and had to photograph the signpost at the top!

Had a wonderful weekend brother, girlfriend (Clau) and nephew (Seb) came to stay and since neither Clau nor Seb had EVER been to Cape Point...we went on a family outing! The weather was perfect - for a change!- no wind, no rain, lots of sun...we couldn't have asked for a better day!

Obviously we went to the top of the point  to the lighthouse (I mean really, what"s a visit to Cape Point if you don't go the lighthouse) and then my hubby (sweetie pie) drove the car while the rest of us walked down to the Cape of Good Hope. En route we walked right past a large herd of Eland (the largest antelope), which was quite spectacular!

Me , my hubby, my two beautiful girls, my brother and his family

And now...I'm going to get my pens out and get cracking on the next Challenge  ...I love zendala's, so am very excited about this one!

Have a wonderful week everyone, stay warm - if you're in the southern hemisphere ...

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