Friday, June 17, 2011


Well, winter has finally arrived! We had the most balmy of sunday's last week and then this swimming pool is overflowing and I got the down duvet out!! And then last night, mother nature let us know who was boss with a thunder, lightning and hail storm! The white "blurs" are garden looked like someone had a popcorn throwing party.

View of our pool and the cloud blocking the mountains.
Anyway, onto creative things...
As you know, my craftroom is under going renovations...I've been crocheting and beading because it's the only stuff I took out the room before the demo...lition! 
The necklace was made using a beadnetting pattern....very simple and very therapuetic.

I also found an awesome sock pattern on the Redheart website while surfing for easy and quick things to do...and made some for the youngest gannet, while the eldest gannet has selected the zaniest wool she could find for hers! 
(Note to all the birdwatchers out there....they're called gannets because they talk and eat non-stop...hee hee!!) 
My youngest gannet with her "baby"...
THE socks!

I've also managed to complete Challenge #26...not a bad week!

Challenge #26!

Whew! it's been a busy week...have a wonderful crafty weekend everyone


  1. This is great, love the graphic quality and your contrast! Makes me smile :)

  2. That is a really cool spiral. The pattern play is wonderful.