Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Places

I love where I live! it's "the middle of winter" and yet the sun is shining and the day is calm. I went for a walk on the beach this morning with our's definitely my happy place, the sea was flat and calm, whales gently rolling around in the bay and not a breath of wind, how lucky can someone be?!

Fish Hoek Beach at 8:30 in the morning...  

On to creative matters... I completed Challenge #34 last night - the Diva's guest Challenger had us doing curves in straight strings or angles in curved fun fun! I had an immediate idea which involved my water colour pencils as well...

Challenge #34  

I had such a fun day on Monday too...we had a school holiday as Tuesday was a Public Holiday and I was sitting outside in the sun beading a bag, when the youngest gannet pipes up that she wants to do something we cut a piece of material, picked some beads, drew a picture and she is now doing her very own bead embroidery!!! The best part was when she said that she  "was never going to stop, it was such fun!"

She's beading a basket picture in turquiose and purple (the orange and red ones are mine)!

For myself, I got into some serious drawing this last week and I'm sooooo chuffed with the end result! I took a photo of a Protea in April (it's in my FLickr Inspiration folder) and I've been itching to draw it. So with watercolour pencils, I got stuck in...I put two base washes down with the pencils and then just pencilled in on the top to get the shades and detail...I think it"s turned out beautifully...I'm thinking of framing this one!

The photo next to the drawing...

My Protea

I'm now busy cutting out fabric to make a bowl. Yes, that's correct, a fabric bowl! Reversable too!! I was given a book that someone didn't looks really easy, and I'm always game to try something new...if it works out, I have a whole selection of very African patterned fabrics which I'll try...I'll show you result next week!

Happy Creating


  1. Love your 'Opposites Attract' design. Very creative. Also, very nice post.

  2. Both your pieces are absolutely beautiful

  3. Very creative tangle and as I browsed through past posts, I see you're creative in lots of ways - love your projects! I actually noticed your design on the flickr page because it used a couple of patterns I hadn't seen before but have now added to my little "guidebook". You may see them showing up in one of my tangles soon! :) Thanks for visiting my site.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Penny!