Thursday, August 18, 2011

Creative Fun...

Hello everyone!

You remember last week I told you about a fabric bowl I was going to try... it is!! It was really very easy to assemble and looks great! It's also fully reversible and hand-washable (I'm going to put in my washing machine this week just to see how that works). I HAVE to make some more!

What do you think?!

Onto tangles and things.....Challenge #35 by guest Challenger Margaret Bremner involved "a tile on a tile". I really liked this idea, because if you get the black and white contrast right, then your 2 tiles pop out!

Tangles used: eye-wa, florz, bales, sez, lilypads, hollibaugh and a sort-of-flux!

I'm now busy crocheting a sleeveless jersey with hood in a red/ochre/black etc speckled wool. Did you know that crocheting uses more wool than knitting?! I'm still making crocheted socks...everyone seems to want some as bedsocks! 

Went for a walk on the beach on Monday...the weather was so still but chilly...I tend to travel everywhere with my camera at the moment, and so had to take this photo...I know I said it last week, but I love where I live.

Fish Hoek Beach overlooking False Bay

And so, another weekend is around the corner adn more creative things beckon...


  1. I love how the center tile looks like a window...maybe looking into a secret garden? Very lovely! (and I really want to be wherever that beach is!)

  2. Nifty tile and I love your bowl!!!

  3. Very nice Zentangle tile! You definitely grasped the idea of the dark and light contrast defining the small square. Well done!
    Love the photo. You are very lucky to love where you live!

  4. Very cool, like the 2nd tile extends out into the larger tile. Diana Hirsch

  5. Love the way it all flows together but the inside tile is still so seperate.