Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last lap...

And away they go...! The last school term is off to a flying start (as usual)...Sports Awards and Grade 12 (Matric) Valedictory and the Primary School's 2011 school production of Annie! Both my gannets are in the production with evening performances starting last night and ending on Saturday. So much for being a "House Mom"...I'm busier now than I was when I was teaching!! (I'll have photos next week!)

I've also had an interesting week...I was asked to subsitute Grade 3 (9 years old) from Mon-Thurs while the Annie production was done for the local primary schools and old age homes. Seeing as I'm used to teaching "hormones" (age 14 going on 25), it was quite different teaching little people!

Thanks so much to Laura, aka The Diva, for the challenge this week. The Sunflower Fund grows bigger every year and is a very worthy cause. The drama pupils at the Primary School also put on a concert every year with one of the churches in aid of the Sunflower Fund and raises huge amounts of money. My contribution this week is photographed on all the Bandanas I've collected over the years.

The tiny little one is a hair scrunchy!
A closer look at my tile.

The theme this year was Thank you for the Music and was a Musical Road Show. This item was from "Songs from Movies"...Sister Act

"Sport Songs"....Waka Waka!

Thank you all so very much for the beautiful tiles you've all produced this week and all the stories that accompanied them.

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Your sunflower is so powerful, like the cause that it represents! I especially like the lettering on the sides and how the letters are joined by the "S". Thanks so much for suggesting this challenge. It meant a lot to me be able to enter my challenge in memory of my long ago childhood friend who died of leukemia.

  2. What a beautiful tile! Thank you so much for this great challenge idea. I enjoyed it so much and used it as a way for me to remember my Mom.

  3. Lovely tangle and sunflower!!

  4. It's a lovely tile. Thanks for suggesting this challenge.

  5. Great tile, cause, bandanas, and of course, sunflowers!