Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day

A warm hello to everyone on this special day... 11.11.11.

The Diva's challenge to us this week was Remembrance. My tangle is for my grandfather, who was born in 1905, he was a true gentleman, and a marvellous wordsmith. He wrote the most amazing poems and stories, which I am lucky enough to have been given after his passing away. Everyone knows the rhyme to remember the days of the months...30 days hath October...   well, Gramps wrote his own nonsense rhyme, which goes as follows:

30 days has Octember
April, June and No-wonder.
All the rest have strawberry jam
except for grandfather, who rides a bicycle!

My Grandparents on their wedding day from my heritage album (the pencil writing is still due to be inked in, when I have all the right info!)

My Grandfathers family...he's the little baby on the far right! (The postcard is a copy of the original postcard sent by my grandfather's brother while he was in the service!)

Challenge #47: Remembrance (Tangles used: fescu, pepper, cadent, mist)

Still on Poppies (well sort of anyway...), I did my first watercolour on Thursday! I found a stunning book in the library for painting with mixed media, and copied the task in the book. This one is watercolour, masking fluid and ink pen. Fun, fun,fun!

"The season" is almost upon us, and I don't know about any of you, but I'm way behind on my christmas shopping! I have, however, got my Christmas decorations on the go...every year I make decorations to send with my Christmas cards...card for the family and decoration for the tree! My latest edition is this Christmas Twirly, which I'm packaging as a bookmark.
Christmas Twirly with bell or charm


The angels, tree and Father Christmas
Have a wonderfully creative week everyone


  1. You've been such a busy lady! The tangle is great - love the bit of watercolor, and the watercolor poppy is just amazing for a first effort - don't you just love the way watercolor moves all around?

    What a fabulous idea to send a handmade ornament with your holiday card! Do you have a pattern for those twirlies? They look SO cool!

    Let's see what creative fire (addiction) I feed today :)

  2. I'll write the pattern up for you for next week! It's reeeelly easy!

  3. Wonderful watercolors! Thanks!

  4. Your watercolor poppy is spectacular.
    I think alot of us taking part in the challenges also have bead stashes, yarn stashes, paint collections, etc. I look forward to seeing your pattern for the twirlies.

  5. Great post! Love your grandfather's nonsense rhyme. Both of the poppies are beautiful.