Saturday, November 19, 2011


Greetings from a wind-blown Fish Hoek! If there's one thing I's the wind, and we have lots of it...but the fact that it's blowing, means that summer has finally arrived! (It's been a little delayed this year)

I've had a HECTIC week this brother came to stay for 2 days, while he had a operation, I speed wlaked 5.3km on Tuesday with my walking of which walks reeeaaally fast...I've got builders working on the chimney for our outside braai, it's Sports Day at the Primary school tomorrow, the eldest gannet has surfing on saturday, and we're off to Strand (other side of the Bay) on Sunday morning for the Nipper exams, as the first competition is next week!

The braai area with it's alomost complete chimney...
My mosaic! The other side will be done in the December holidays...hopefully!

I've attached a YouTube link to a video that was made last weekend advertising my wonderful town....and I'm in it! (I'm the funny looking lady wearing a turquoise blue rashvest and really bright orange hat  with my Starfish! I coach the Starfish every Sunday...they're only 5-8 yeas old and so eager!)  Fish Hoek "Summer is here" 2011

I finally finished my Water Lily...

I stumbled on THE most Amazing artist...especially for all those Tanglers out there, this stuff is incredible! Do yourself a favour, and have a look - you won't regret it! Her name is Irina Vinnik and you can see her stuff here

Oh"s Sat morning now...I had an interesting day Sports day, my eldest gannet ran the best 1200m ever and came first by 50m!! She came 2nd in high jump, 3rd in sprints and 1st in the relay! Very proud mom! Encouraged by my children, I ran in the mom's race...and have torn my achilles tendon and the muscle and am now on crutches for 4 weeks! (On the positive side, it's only partially torn and I don't need to have an operation!) tangle for Challenge #48 is incomplete...

Challenge #48 with paradox and incomplete riverstones...
Ho hum...
Have a creative week everyone

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  1. Wow, your week is making me tired! Glad you found a little time to tangle and join in the challenge. Love your tangles and the way you did the shapes...very cool! Really love your mosaic too! Hope you heal quickly-take care.