Thursday, November 3, 2011

Show Week!

This is a HECTIC week....hubby is away, and the Dance studio's bi-annual show is on and both girls are dancing! Never mind the fact that housework, school, homework and extra-murals still carry on as normal....I need to clone myself! (I wonder who would be in charge..!)

Fisrt things first... congratulations to The Diva (aka Laura Harms) on hitting her milestone of 200 000 hits! (My own milestone of 2000 seems a bit small in comparison, but I'm quite chuffed!) To celebrate the "awesomeness" of this occasion, she is running a competition with 3 of the most amazing prize packages! All we or you have to do is comment on her blog about how zentangle has changed  or enhanced your life, tweet her or blog about the competition...
I discovered zentangle by chance last year, was curious about the name, found the home page and here I am! I've used it in class with 32 14yr olds and got the most amazing work out of them. Zentangle was most definitely my sanity this quote the Queen: this has been an annus horribulus (spelling??).  I had a pretty major meltdown in March of this year, where I was diagnosed with complete burnout, depression and major anxiety. I spent 5 months on sick leave (and have consequently resigned from teaching after 22 years) and it was during this time that Zetangle kept me going. I couldn't leave the house, answer the phone, drive my car....the list goes on...but I tangled!

I discovered The Diva during this time and her weekly challenges put a bit of direction back into my usually organised life. I'd like to thank Maria and Rick for Zentangle, and Laura for her challenges, and all the new friends I've met through this wonderfully addictive, calming and healing artform.

 Phew! So without further ado, my contribution to Challenge #46...
Challenge #46... Tangles used: florz, meer, punzel

The entire studio in the finale of "Groove is in the Heart"

This is an "accidental" photo...but I love the way it moves! Fortunately I remember how I did it, so can try again!

And now for a long overdue crafty idea...reycled flowers!

Step 1: any plastic container, preferably coloured, and a pair of scissors.

Step 2: Cut a circle out of the plastic.

Step 3: Cut into the circle almost to the middle...the more cuts, the thinner your flowers petals will be!

Step 4: Curve the one corner of each cut...
...turn the flower over and curve the other side of each cut.

Step 5: Cut a small circle from a colddrink lid or small piece of plastic for the centre.

Step 6: Nail to the fence, jungle gym, wendy house etc outside! They never "die", wilt, attract bees...all they need is the occasional rinse with the garden hose!

That's all from me this week!  Happy creating everyone


  1. Wow, you have Punzel mastered. Love the witch hat. And so happy you found Zentangle to pull you along during your healing. Our bodies are so wonderfully strong but sometimes our psyche can't handle all we try to undertake. Take good care of you. We all enjoy your wonderful art and crafty ideas (and hearing about life on another continent).

  2. Very pleased that you have found Zentangle. It is very calming to do some tangles and gain more creative. Glad Zentangle had helped you loads. Love your work and brilliant to see Punzel in this challenge. Wow you got hectic time with dancing along with doing usual errands at home as well! Phew! Hope you get relaaxing time now.

  3. Two very excellent zentangles! Love the witches hat! And florz behind it gives the perfect spider webby effect. The zendala is so cool - I just have to try one of these. I agree that it's quite addicting and something I can do when I don't feel like doing anything else!