Sunday, February 12, 2012

12 February

OMG....I can't believe I haven't managed to get 2 of  The Diva's challenges done! 

I'm temping as the PR and Marketing Officer at the High School at the moment, and it's been a hectic 2 weeks! I take my drawing to work every day and then bring it back home again :(  
So, I'm entering the Challenge reeeeaaallly late, and am going to make a concerted effort to get the  challenge done by Thursday at the latest!

Challenge #57: Cadent, florz, keeko, Zenplosion folds & ribbon, Sannibelle

Pattern Stack #2

On the family front, the gannets have been doing so well!! Caitlin (eldest) tried out for Western Province Grommets (surfing for beginners) and won the first round! 2nd round was yesterday and she came 3rd...last round is in 2 weeks and they take the best 2 scores for the WP team! Both girls have made the school swimming team!

Michaela...doing the cool thing!

Caitlin (in orange) after the 1st heat yesterday!

Thanks to all my friends for all the visits...we're at 2900!

Keep crafting


  1. It is really beautiful! I am glad you were able to participate!

  2. Great combo of tangles - I often think of using Zenplosion but can't ever figure out how to tie it in. You did it beautifully! Congrats to the girls!