Friday, February 17, 2012

New Job...

It's not final, but I've been temping in the PRO post at the High School for 6 weeks now and I'm starting to enjoy it! not sure whether I want a full time job again, and I have a 3 month temp teaching post in the pipeline for April....  Anyway, I've put in my application and I'll decide if and when I get offered the job! As a very good friend of mine said can't win the lottery unless you have a ticket!

I managed to finish this week's challenge before witching hour this week, that's a new record this year! 

Challenge #58: Bee line, Dex, Eye-wa  

I'm determined to learn Photoshop this year! I'm always to keen to learn how to do something....I learnt how to Blog last year, I'm now adminning 3 Facebook pages and a website, I've designed a web-based data base for a website...and feeling very chuffed with myself. I've always love playing with photos and the camera, so now I want to learn  (like Terri at the Creative Explorer ) and then I can really play! So for now, I just play with Picasa and the this space!

Original photo...
My photo Picasa'd

My eldest gannet with a sparkler on New Years Eve writing her name

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. I like your diamonds and the simple background - very cool. I agree about learning new things - I love it! Which is probably why I keep trying new and new and new :) I taught myself blogging and made a website a couple years ago when I started my "professional" site about interior design ( and it was challenging but really fun. You'll find PS the same way - challenging but fun and rewarding. Unless you already have the program, you might compare it to PSE - Elements is much cheaper and still does way more than a non-professional needs. I'm happy to help with any of it that I can! :) (thanks for the kind words!)

  2. Nicely done, your simplicity and lines all put the focus on the your four diamonds. Your photos are wonderful. Enjoy your foray into Photoshop, it is a wonderfully addictive program.