Saturday, May 12, 2012

Winter Weekend

Whew! What a long week... It just seemed to go on for ages! 

Monday night I went to painting and worked on my ladies that I posted last time. It's a while since I sloshed acrylic onto a canvas, so I'm having fun! I also have my first commission!! A friend is organising her sisters 50th with the help of her friends...she's arranging personal gifts. I've been asked to paint either the scene from their house or the Hangklip Lighthouse. I've chosen to paint the this space! 

I also taught my first Zentangle  class on Wednesday evening!! our local english Teacher's Union has a "Winter Chill Out", where they offer various workshops for an hour, provide dinner and then have another workshop. I"ve been a presenter at these get-together's for years now and thid year offered to teach Zentangles! I had 14 ladies and 1 man...I cut some 200g art board I had into squares and then used my corner rounder punch (to make them look like the Zentangle tiles).... I taught them Hollibaugh, Florz, Jetties, Sez and Strircles. I made some handouts with how Zentangle started, and the website link and then 4 other official tangles. I covered the tables with a variety of my Zentangle tiles from The Diva's Challenges to show everyone what they could achieve. My only regret is that I never had my camera, and so didn't get a photo of the finished products!

My favourite comments that night were: "you really don't have to be able to draw" and "you can lose yourself in the patterns, it's so calming!"

On Thursday night, both my gannets were in the finals of the Annual Speaker/Reader Competition held by the Drama Department. Each child had to select a section of an appropriate book and "Read" it to the audience and panel of judges. The youngest gannet (grade 4) chose a section from The Folk of the Faraway Tree where Saucepan Man mishears everything, and the eldest gannet chose the first chapter from Little Women. They were both very good and the eldest gannet was chosen as a top 3 winner!!

The eldest gannet in the blue dress as Jo from Little Women with her grade 7 friends.

The youngest gannet as one of the children from the Faraway Tree stories. She knew her part off by heart!

ON Thursday afternoon, the youngest gannet played her first hockey match of the year AND scored a goal! The U10A team won their match 5-1 in the end - very exciting!

The youngest gannet in full flight scoring her goal!

I never managed to complete the Diva's challenge last week, but have included last weeks challenge into this weeks challenge!

Challenge #69 (with Challenge #68)!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and to all my South African friends - Happy Mothers Day tomorrow! May you get spoilt rotten all day!

Lots of love


  1. They make a great combination zt. I love the contrast!

  2. Love how you combined the 3 tangles. Great tile!

  3. Congratulations on your commission! And on your class. That's exciting! I love how you combined the two week's challenges; your tile looks great:)

  4. Lovely job, great idea to combine the two challenges. Stricles is a great contrast to Groovy!

  5. These two Challenges go perfect together!
    Great job!