Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wonderful Wet Winter Weather

So here in the Western Cape, it is truly winter. We have had 3 days of continual rain, fires are being lit, winter pj's are the thing to wear for bed! And of the course the kitchen and scullery look like a chinese laundry with damp washing hanging everywhere! (Electricity is just too expensive at the moment to tumble dry too often!)

My blog views also ticked over the 4000 mark this week! Thanks so much everyone for all the wonderful comments over the past year. I started writing the blog during a fairly "dark" time last year and it was very therapeutic for me to do so. A special thanks to all my new friends from different corners of the world!

We have had the most amazing week in False Bay....orcas...chasing dolphins and generally just chilling....all week! We sometimes get one or two, but not a pod for a whole week! The photos were taken by a friend of mine who works on one of the tour and research boats in Simons Town (our Naval Base)! Now I just need to see one myself!
My friend Kari Underhill with camera with Simon"s Town in the background!

I've been playing around with Pattern Stacks again, and have been "commissioned " to do some for friends. I really do enjoy this lettering style, it's whimsical and very freeing. NExt time, I might just tangle the blocks...!

Pattern Stack from The Rainbow Elephant

I was quite exited about the Diva's challenge this week because the one thing I've always like to do, is put just a hint of colour into my tangles. I borrowed my eldest gannet's fineliner pen set this week and chose the lighter of the two browns. The challenge started with me drawing a single Allium (from Tinker Tangles), but I didn't know how to carry on, so left it on its own!
Challenge #70: Allium, facets, fife, hibred and lots of bubbles!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. The sepia adds a wonderful accent!

  2. Love your tile, and the sepia really adds dimension! I also like the letters in the pattern stacks....very cool. Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us.

  3. Lovely! Your facets are so nicely done and I think we all have enjoyed using a bit of color.

  4. really like your sepia tile, but love the stacks. i will have to find out about those!

    1. Thanks! The Pattern stacks are so easy and good fun! I love your paintings...very talented lady!

  5. Wonderful tile. Like your combination of patterns.

  6. Wow, I love that pattern stack! Thanks for sharing a new idea. Lovely zentangle, as well.