Friday, May 25, 2012

Eistedffod time

It's that time of year again, when we travel to the other side of Cape Town for Eistedffods! Both gannets are dancing: the oldest has 3 dances and the youngest 2. The eldest gannet danced her character dance yesterday and got Honours (between 80-90%), and has her 2nd one on Saturday. The youngest dances next week....lots of tangling to be done for the hours of waiting inbetween!

My youngest gannet is thoroughly enjoying her hockey as well! I'm really chuffed because she can play both netball and hockey this year...all the extra murals slot in together perfectly. They played a match on Thursday - and they were awesome! 

The U10 hockey girls enjoying themselves while waiting for their game. The youngest gannet is the one at the top!

The eldest gannet does something quite amazing every once in a while! (She's 12 turning 13 and is writing exams for the first time, so we have a few hormones and "moments" at home!) Anyway, she made breakfast on the weekend, and this is what we got! It.Was. Divine!!
Alaska Surprise: French toast with cinnamon and nutmeg in the mixture, sandwiched with syrup and ice-cream and sprinkled with icing sugar!

Nipper Prizegiving and end of season bash tomorrow - hopefully the rain will stay away long enough so the nippers can play outside for a while!
The challenge this week from The Diva was to use the new tangle, Pea-nuckle by Zentangle. You can read about it in the Zentangle Newsletter. I struggled a bit with the spacing of my S's, and decided to leave the back of the zigzags plain. I tried another new tangle by Molossus called Planateen (the one that looks like roof tiles) and it was really easy to do! Thanks Molossus!

Challenge #71: Pea-nuckle, Planateen, Sanibelle and lots of bubbles!

And so ends another hectic week! 

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  1. I think most of us struggled with the S's. This is lovely and Sanibelle fits in there perfectly (as does Planateen. Well done!

  2. Each of your lines is beautifully placed on the paper. So gorgeous!

  3. Wonderful pea-nuckle! Your tile has a nice contrast of dark and light, very pleasing.

  4. A beautiful tile, it all goes together so well.