Monday, August 6, 2012


What a week! 

I know, I've said that before. Andrew left on Sunday for Durban on his whirlwind trip of SA....he was in Durban for Monday, then flew to Johannesburg for Tuesday, Pretoria for Wednesday and Bloemfontein for Thursday then flew home. The eldest gannet had her birthday party on Saturday and then got sick on Sunday. I took Monday off and took her to the doctor where she was diagnosed with pharyngitus aka throat infection, and booked off school for 3 days! Aaaargh....I had to find someone to look after her whileI went to work, so sent an emergency bbm out to friends and found an angel! On Wednesday, CAitlin couldn't run in the 2nd round of Cross Country Champs, nor could she play in her netball match.

Speaking of netball...I get to school on Wednesday morning, and find out 2 of my shooters are sick and can't play (my gannet is a shooter but we knew she wasn't playing anyway), so I spend most of Wednesday trying to re=organise my teams to make them both strong and competitive.

So, we get to netball, we win one we lose one, I then go with both girls to the Cape Dance festival. I do youngest gannets hair and make-up and watch her dance, then collapse for 20 mins, then start again with the eldest gannet for her dance. We get home at 8:30pm after leaving home at 7:30 am....and it was only Wednesday!

We're in the middle of the last cold snap of winter, with snow on all the surrounding mountains, so it's fairly chilly around here, and of course it's raining too. But in the middle of all of this, we started winter training at Nippers on Sunday. It was such fun seeing all of the nippers today, even though it was so cold (the water was only 13 degrees-all the kids had their wetsuits on). We played on the beach, and a bit in the sea. It was a great start to our new Nipper year.

Owen, me and Jimmy. We coach the micro nippers (5-8 years old), so we just play every Sunday!

The youngest gannet in the piggy back race where the older nippers had to carry the little ones.

Some of the U14s with Dave - check out my hair!

I haven't managed to finish the challenge from last week, but I made it A4, so it's taking a while. I did, however, find an awesome book in the library on Celtic patterns with a "How to draw the spirals/maze/knots" at the end of each chapter.....very exciting and I'm working on one now too. 
Excuse the quality of the photo, but my camera battery dies and I had to use my phone!

Ho hum, that's me for the week. Short week this week as we have Women's Day on 9 August and then a school holiday on the Friday! Blissful, a long weekend....duvets, coffee, books and dvd's!

Happy Creating

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