Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mzansi Market Day

Every year, round about this time, the pupils get the chance to take part in a  market day at one of the large shopping malls. All products have to handmade and the children get interviwed throughout the day where they get to tell all hte shoppers abput theor products. The eldest gannet and friemd are taking part this year. Their stall is called "rock and Roll Recycling" and they are selling handmade candles from old candles and wax crayons, earrings made from bottle tops and soap.So....I have been giving lessons with all my crafty stuff on how to make soap and candles! 
See below, the idiots guide to making candles at home:

Step 1: Melt cheap white candles and crayons in old tins placed in boiling water. (If you want scented candles, put a few drops of vanilla essence in the tins.)

Step 2: Spray muffin tray with cooking spray. While waiting for wax to melt, wrap wicks from cheap candles around wooden skewers and rest over silicone muffin tray.
Step 3: Pour melted wax into prepared tray and leave to set.

Step 4: When set (about 2hours), turn out of pan!

Warning...! Don't use food colouring to colour the wax! It's water based and forms droplets at the bottom of the candle which then pop open and leak out afterwards.

I'll take photos of their stall with the other goodies and post those next week.

Onto drawing now, I started a zendala of my own about 2 weeks ago(drawn with a slightly skew compass), and finished it yesterday. It's A3 in size and I drew the patterns quite small. AFter finishing the outer parts I decided to leave the "flowers" because it just worked!

Tangles used: twisted rope around the edge, nzeppel, huggins, fife, facets and then stripes and a flower in the middle.

 Challenge #84 was a blind string, which I've never done before, so this is a first for me. It involves drawing the string with your eyes closed and then tangling what you make. I joined some of my spaces together because they were a bit too small, and I used another new tangle! (My tiles are rectangluar at the moment, because I'm using up my scraps of drawing paper!)
Challenge #84: cruffle, florz, bales, featherfall

Not bad hey.....I got the challenge done and posted and it's not even Wednesday yet!!
See you next week



  1. Don't you just love cruffle??? It looks great here. Nice tile!

  2. It turned out to be a beauty! I love what you have done with this blind string challenge!

  3. Love your design, I love cruffles too.

  4. Your Zendala is amazing, such detail! Your blind string is great also with Cruffles and Featherfall, some of my faves!

  5. your challenge piece looks great - love the way you have folded featherfall back on itself!

  6. I came here, nosy about your tile and found a wonderful project I can do with my decoration students in 8th grade :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    I like the tile too :)

  7. i love your tile....and hope to someday be as talented as you...i am new to this....just started in jan and i am already hooked....lin

  8. love that featherfall! turned out great!