Saturday, October 6, 2012

Last leg!

Hi everyone!

And so, my week's break is over and we get ready for the last haul of the last term. SPorts Day is the first event on the agenda and the eldest gannet is getting ready for her swansong! She won the Senior Victrix Ludorum last year beating the then grade 7s out of the prize and this year she IS in grade 7! The race we have our sights on is the 1200m - which she has won for the last 3 years in a row - so to win it this year, will be awesome! 

I haven't entered the Diva's Challenge this week because I just couldn't get my head around the UMT this month. I tried, but it didn't like me!

I did stumble upon an AMAZING site of a lady who makes mandalas from nature. She uses leaves and petals and grasses etc to create the most amazing works of art. Pleae do yourselves a favour and have a look - you will be sorry if you don't! Her name is Kathy Klein and below is an example of her work.


The next lady I stumbled on is Judy West and she has some wonderful ideas! I've always loved playing with lettering and alphabets and sadly haven't done any for a while. I always wanted to learn calligraphy but couldn't find a teacher close to me, so I did what every artist out there does - found a few books and taught myself! Formal calligraphy didn't really get me going, but to play with the letters was great fun. Creative Doodling with Judy West is a mixture of lettering art, zentangle and doodles of all sorts. She also has a Celtic Challenge for those who love Celtic designs - Enthusiastic artist, I'm thinking of you here! SHe posts a design and you get to play with it to your hearts content. Below is my version of the Celtic alphabet with zentangles and other patterns inside the letter spaces. (It's also great finding someone who lives in the same hemisphere as I do!)

Celtic alphabet-Penny style

I've also been working on a letter of my own with zentangles as the fillers. I got the idea from a friend at school who I introduced Zentangles to - she is so seriously hooked I must tell you - she did a letter similar to this one and I decided to borrow the idea.

Tangles used: cruffle, fife, knyt, nzeppel, hollibaugh, cubine

I have another creative idea up my's something I did with my Grade 9s as part of the design part of our syllabus....I'll show you when it's done. Until then, happy creating everyone!


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