Sunday, October 14, 2012

Summer chaos begins!

And so it begins.....the start of the summer surf ski series which hubby paddles, Rocking the Runway today for both gannets and the start of the Nipper season for me this morning! I'll see everyone sometime this afternoon again! 

You can also tell that summer is finally trying to arrive here in Cape Town because the wind is howling .....we complain about the cold and the rain, and then we complain about the! 
Busy morning this morning for my gannets...the school is taking part in Rocking the Runway, which is a modeling, dancing show at one of the main shopping centres. They had to be there at 8am, ( which meant leaving home at 7am) and will only be back around 3pm! Hubby always paddles the summer surf ski series and is away early every Sunday until December, and our Nipper season opens today with an Open Day! This time of year the sharks also come in much closer to the beach so we spend a lot of time hearing the shark siren and not being able to go into the water! I have about 25 Starfish and Micro nippers headed for the beach this morning, so I've busy inventing beach games....just in case!

On to crafty version of Challenge 90 (wow, already!), has Purk in the loop,this is the first time I've used Purk and it fits quite nicely. This week the Diva has used String 001 from Tangle Patterns I love the strings because it's the part of tangles that I always struggle with...designing the string!
Challenge #90: florz, purk, flukes, beeline an lacing

I finished my bag! I always have wool and needles in the lounge...I have to do something with my hands and drawing late at night is not so great because I msae too many mistakes, so I crochet! I prefer it to knitting becausrethere's only one needle and it's small. I usually make blankets, but every now and then I need something else, so I trolled the web looking for crocheted bags and found this's called a Hobo Bag and it made up very easily. I didn't use cotton as she suggests in her pattern, but Double knitting wool and 4.5 hook. I'm definitley making another one, but I'm going to make it in cotton this time! Watch this space...

I found this picture of the eldest gannet and I while looking through some pics from April this year...not often I'm in a picture, and I really like this one xxx

Wow....I can't believe my page counter is almost on 6500 already! Thanks everyone. 

Till next week, happy crafting


  1. Your purk works so well! Gorgeous photo and great hobo bag.

  2. Lovely tangle. Very nice and clean.

  3. your bag is beautiful! i'd like to see one in purples and pinks :) those are my colors. i like the solid color at the time, and the variegated colors on the lower part - cool!
    and the real reason i am here is the Diva Challenge - your tile looks great! purk does a great job in this string!

  4. Love your tile and how you used the geometrics with the curvy string. And the bag is just wonderful colors! Keep us posted!

  5. You made a beautiful tile and a beautiful bag. Purk is doing well here, I did the same as you. I used Purk for the first time a few weeks ago and I really like it (and use it almsot all the time now).
    Hope you have a great summer; here in Holland we are in autums now and have a lot of rain.