Sunday, February 10, 2013

Creative chaos

Greetings from a windfree...for a change...Fish Hoek! We are finishing my favourite part of our summer (January and February) where the weather is gorgeous with very little wind! And then to top it all, yesterday, we had rain all day!

The younget gannet had a fun and busy week, starting off with her Grade 5 camp from Monday to Wednesday. She had a ball - night hikes in the sanddunes, bird and snake talks, picnic lunches and walks to the Slangkop Lighthouse, and a potjiekos competition! The best part is that the camp is 20 mins from home! They all came home very tired, but very happy.
Michaela and Abbi when we arrived on Monday morning
My view of Hout Bay on the way home (with Chapmans Peak on the right)

 I watched a movie I've wanted to watch for ages and ages on Sunday last week: Inkheart....a man with a "Silver tongue" who, when he reads aloud, the characters come out the book! At the end of the movie, I see the movie is based on the book, so I start looking for the Kindle version, which turned out to be a bit expensive :(   Lo and behold, at our weekly visit to the public library on Friday afternoon, I see Inkheart and the sequel  -Inkspell on the returns shelf! So much excitement from my side, I even made myself a new bookmark!
The book with bookmark...
A close-up of the book mark I made.

Technologically hubby got his new iPhone 5 this week. The iPad I've been using has to go back to the office, so I've now appropriated his iPhone 4 and the stylus to use as a miniature iPad / iPod touch! Unfortunately I battle to use the phone because I have nails...long ones...and am therefore always pressing the wrong buttons when typing! So, I'm going to play with  my new toy instead :-D

Creatively, I'm playing with crochet cotton instead of wool (as it's a bit too hot to crochet with wool in the summer) and have been making these really cool bags! The green and yellow one is a slightly different style complete with a flap. It's a bit smaller too. Personally, I prefer the other ones. 

Finally, my entry into The Diva's weekly challenge. I got the idea from Ledenzer to use Dansk as the string! It was quite good fun creating this one, especially with the red accent!

Challenge #105: Dansk, Fife and Blossom

 I'm reeeeaaally enjoying using my new markers and pens and have a couple of coloured ZIA's/doodle combinations that I'm busy with. I always seem to have two or three designs on the go at the same time! Some of my favourite blog artists are featured on my side panel, look them up if you haven't already!

Til next week


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